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Official Documents.

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Davidson, James. 1871

Steele, William. 1874

Jones, John B. 1880

King, William H. 1882, 1886

Mabry, William H. 1894, 1896

Scurry, Thomas. 1902

Newton, James O. 1907-1908, 1909-1910

Hutchings, Henry. 1911-1912

Cope, William D. 1919-1920

Barton, Thomas D. 1921, 1922, 1924

McGee, Mark. 1925

Matthews, Dallas J. 1926

Robertson, Robert L. 1927, 1928, 1929

Sterling, W. W. 1931, 1932

Hutchings, Henry. 1933

Nesbitt, Carl E. 1935


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Texas State University. (Austin).

36th Infantry Division. Records and Reports. [microfilm copies]

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