Department of the Army Historical Summary: FY 1972

Appendix C

June 30, 1972

Secretary of the Army   Robert F. Froehlke
Under Secretary of the Army   Kenneth E. BeLieu
Assistant Secretary of the Army
(Financial Management)
Eugene M. Becker
Assistant Secretary of the Army
(Research and Development)
Robert L. Johnson
Assistant Secretary of the Army
(Manpower and Reserve Affairs)
Hadlai A. Hull
Assistant Secretary of the Army
(Installations and Logistics)
Dudley C. Mecum
General Counsel   Robert W. Berry
Chief of Public Information   Maj. Gen. Winant Sidle
Chief of Legislative Liaison   Maj. Gen. Bernard W. Rogers
Administrative Assistant   John G. Connell, Jr.
Office, Chief of Staff
Chief of Staff, United States Army Gen. William C. Westmoreland
Vice Chief of Staff Gen. Bruce Palmer, Jr.
Assistant Vice Chief of Staff Lt. Gen. W. E. DePuy
Safeguard System Manager  Lt. Gen. Walter P. Leber
Director of Military Support Maj. Gen. Roland M. Gleszer
Special Assistant for the Modern Volunteer
Lt. Gen. George I. Forsythe
Secretary of the General Staff Maj. Gen. Warren K. Bennett
General Staff
Deputy Chief of Staff for Military Operations Lt. Gen. Richard G. Stilwell
Deputy Chief of Staff for Personnel Lt. Gen. Walter T. Kerwin, Jr.
Director of the Women's Army Corps Brig. Gen. Mildred C. Bailey


Deputy Chief of Staff for Logistics   Lt. Gen. J. M. Heiser, Jr.
Comptroller of the Army   Lt. Gen. John M. Wright, Jr.
Chief of Research and Development   Lt. Gen. W. C. Gribble, Jr.
Chief, Office of Reserve Components   Lt. Gen. Harris W. Hollis
Assistant Chief of Staff for Force Development   Lt. Gen. R. R. Williams
Assistant Chief of Staff for Intelligence   Maj. Gen. P. B. Davidson, Jr.
Assistant Chief of Staff for Communications-Electronics   Maj. Gen. Thomas M. Rienzi
Special Staff
The Adjutant General   Maj. Gen. Verne L. Bowers
Chief of Engineers   Lt. Gen. F. J. Clarke
The Surgeon General   Lt. Gen. Hal B. Jennings, Jr.
Chief of Chaplains   Maj. Gen. G. W. Hyatt
The Judge Advocate General   Maj. Gen. G. S. Prugh
The Inspector General   Maj. Gen. W. A. Enemark
Chief, National Guard Bureau   Maj. Gen. Francis S. Greenlief
Chief of Information   Maj. Gen. Winant Sidle
Chief of Military History   Brig. Gen. James C. Collins, Jr.
Chief, Army Reserve   Maj. Gen. J. Milnor Roberts
The Provost Marshal General   Maj. Gen. L. B. Ramsey
Chief of Personnel Operations   Maj. Gen. Sidney B. Berry
Chief, U. S. Army Audit Agency   Brig. Gen. James W. Gunn
CG, U.S. Continental Army Command    Gen. Ralph E. Haines, Jr.
CG, First United States Army
(Fort George G. Meade, Md.)  
 Lt. Gen. C. E. Hutchin, Jr.
CG, Third United States Army
(Fort McPherson, Ga.)  
Lt. Gen. A. O. Connor
CG, Fifth United States Army
(Fort Sam Houston, Tex.)  
Lt. Gen. P. F. Cassidy
CG, Sixth United States Army
(Presidio of San Francisco, Calif.)  
 Lt. Gen. A. D. Surles
CG, U.S. Army Materiel Command    Gen. H. A. Miley, Jr.
CG, U.S. Army Electronics Command
(Fort Monmouth, N. J.)  
Maj. Gen. Hugh F. Foster, Jr.


CG, Army Missile Command
(Redstone Arsenal, Ala.)  
Maj. Gen. Edwin I. Donley
CG, U.S. Army Munitions Command
(Picatinny Arsenal, Dover, N.J.)  
Maj. Gen. Erwin M. Graham,
CG, U.S. Army Test and Jr. Evaluation Command
(Aberdeen Proving Ground, Md.)  
Maj. Gen. Charles P. Brown
CG, U.S. Army Weapons Command
(Rock Island Arsenal, Ill.)  
Maj. Gen. H. A. Rasmussen
CG, U.S. Army Mobility Equipment Command
(St. Louis, Mo.)  
Brig. Gen. John C. Raaen, Jr.
CG, U.S. Army Aviation Materiel Command
(St. Louis, Mo.)  
Maj. Gen. Fred Kornet, Jr.
CG, U.S. Army Tank-Automotive Command
(Detroit, Mich.)  
Maj. Gen. J. E. Pieklik
CG, U.S. Army Combat Developments Command   Lt. Gen. John Norton
CG, U.S. Army Strategic Communications Command   Maj. Gen. Jack A. Albright
CG, U.S. Army Recruiting Command   Maj. Gen. John Q. Henion
CG, U.S. Army Security Agency   Maj. Gen. C. J. Denholm
CG, U.S. Army Intelligence Command   Brig. Gen. O. C. Epp
CG, U.S. Army Military District of Washington   Maj. Gen. James B. Adamson
Commander, U.S. Army Criminal Investigation Cmd   Col. Henry H. Tufts
Commander, Military Traffic Management and Terminal Service   Maj. Gen. C. J. Lang
Army Components of Unified Commands
CG, U.S. Army Air Defense Command
(Ent Air Force Base, Colo.)  
Lt. Gen. R. T. Cassidy


CINC, U.S. Army, Europe   Gen. Michael S. Davison
CINC, U.S. Army, Pacific   Gen. William B. Rosson
Commander, U.S. Army Forces Southern Command   Maj. Gen. George L. Mabry, Jr.
CG, U.S. Army, Alaska   Maj. Gen. Charles M. Gettys
CINC, U.S. Army Readiness Command
(Fort Monroe, Va.)  
Gen. Ralph E. Haines, Jr.



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