AA Antiaircraft

ABN Airborne

AK47 Chinese-made rifle

AO Area of operations

ARVN Army of the Republic of Vietnam

ATTLEBORO Special operation in fall 1966 in III Corps

AW Automatic weapons

BC Body count

Berm Dike or ledge

BLACKJACK 33 Special operation 27 April-24 May 1967 in III Corps in conjunction with Project Sigma, Detachment B-56

BLACKJACK 41 Special operation in spring 1967 in Seven Mountains region

CA Civic action or civil affairs

CARE Co-operative for American Relief Everywhere

C&C Command and control

CIA Captured in action

CIDG Civilian Irregular Defense Group

COMUSMACV Commander, United States Military Assistance Command, Vietnam

CP Command post

CTZ Corps tactical zone

DCO Deputy commanding officer

DOW Died of wounds

EM Enlisted men

FAC Forward air controller

FFORCEV Field Force, Vietnam

FOB Forward operations base

FWMAF Free World Military Assistance Forces

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G-2 Assistant chief of staff for military intelligence at an army, corps (field force in Vietnam), or division headquarters

GSW Gun shot wound

GVN Government of the Republic of Vietnam

IG Inspector general

J-2 Assistant chief of staff for military intelligence MACV

JGS (Vietnamese) Joint General Staff

KBA Killed by air

KIA Killed in action

KKK Khymer Kampuchea Krom (underground Cambodian faction)

LLDB Lac Luang Dac Biet (Vietnamese name for their Special Forces)

LN Liaison

LZ Landing zone

M16 Standard American rifle

MACV Military Assistance Command, Vietnam

MEDEVAC Medical evacuation

MAF Marine Amphibious Force


MG Machine gun

MGF Mobile guerrilla force

MIA Missing in action

MIKE or MSF Mobile strike force

MR Morning report

Nung Tribal group of non-Indonesian stock originally from the highlands of North Vietnam who provided special units for South Vietnam's Army

NVA North Vietnamese Army

OB Operations base

Off Officers

OP Observation post

OPCON Operating control

OPORD Operational order

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PARASOL—SWITCHBACK 1963 program supplying funds for use with the CIDG in Vietnam

PCS Permanent change of station

PF Popular Forces (Vietnamese)

Prov Provisional

PSYOPS Psychological operations

PW Prisoner of war

Quad Four heavy machine guns that traverse from a single pedestal and which are fired simultaneously by one gunner

RF Regional Forces (Vietnamese)

RPG2 Chinese-made rocket launcher

RR Recoilless rifle

RVN Republic of Vietnam

RZ Reconnaissance zone

S-2 Officer in charge of the military intelligence section of a brigade or smaller unit

S-3 Officer in charge of the operations and training section of a brigade or smaller unit

S-4 Logistics officer of a brigade or smaller unit

S-5 Civil affairs officer of a brigade or smaller unit

SA Small arms

Seabees Naval construction engineers

SF Special Forces

SFG Special Forces Group

SFGA Special Forces Group (Airborne)

SOP Standing operating procedure

SPARS Significant problem areas reports

SWITCHBACK Operation in which the Army began assuming responsibility for U.S. participation in CIDG program, November 1962-July 1963

TAC Tactical

TDY Temporary duty

TAOR Tactical area of responsibility

TOE Table of organization and equipment

USAF United States Air Force

USARV United States Army, Vietnam

USASF United States Army Special Forces

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USMC United States Marine Corps

USOM United States Operations Mission

USSF United States Special Forces

VC Viet Cong

VN Vietnamese

VNN Vietnamese Nationals

VNSF Vietnamese Special Forces

WIA Wounded in action