Appendix E


APO US Forces 96307

7 October 1965


1. To serve the combined arms teams, to support the "man with the rifle", to make his environment more responsive, secure and comfortable, so that the team can better devote attention to its principal mission.

2. To produce, through competent design and construction, fully adequate physical facilities. To fulfill the responsibility of quickly providing compact, efficient and well organized facilities-with special consideration to drainage, roads, and associated utilities.

3. To insure that engineer skills and talents are applied to give the greatest benefit to the operational effectiveness of the "man with rifle".

4. To maintain high standards of workmanship, and to promote economic use and conservation of equipment and materials.

5. To carry out a self-help program at a pace consistent with, but never faster than, the development of facilities of all supported elements.

6. To drop our tools if necessary, pick up our weapons and aggressively engage and counter any enemy threat to accomplishment of our assigned mission.

7. To be ever mindful of our most precious national resources, our people: To that end be alert in practice of safety.

8. To remember that we are seeking to establish a temporary lodging in the homeland of others; that we owe to our host country and our fellows-in-arms every reasonable assistance in development of a sound economy and an improved environment.

  Robert R. Ploger
Brigadier General, USA


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