ACofS Assistant Chief of Staff
Adj Adjutant
Admin Administration, administrative, administrator
Adv Adviser
AID United States Agency for International Development
Amb Ambulance
AMSC Army Medical Specialist Corps
ANC Army Nurse Corps
AR Army regulation
ARVN Army Republic of Vietnam
ASWBPL Armed Services Whole Blood Processing Laboratory
ATTLEBORO Operation resulting in a battle that took place in September-Novernber 1966 northwest of Saigon. Over 22,000 American and South Vietnamese troops defeated the Viet Cong 9th Division, reinforced by a North Vietnamese regiment, and drove them back to the Cambodian border
Average strength Arithmetic mean (average) of daily morning report strengths, used in medical statistical reports for computing admission rates, mortality rates, and noneffective rates
CBI China-Burma-India theater (World War II)
CG Commanding general
CINCPAC Commander in Chief, Pacific
CINCUSARPAC Commander in Chief, U.S. Army, Pacific
Civ Civilian
Comdr Commander
Comm Communications
COMUSMACV Commander, United States Military Assistance Command, Vietnam
Con Consul, consulate
CONEX Container express
CONUS Continental United States
COSTAR Combat Service to the Army study
CRO Carded for record only. Pertaining to medical cases not treated on air "excused from duty" status, but of sufficient seriousness or of sufficient potential medical or administrative interest that individual medical records are required to be prepared in the same manner as for "excused from duty" cases
CTZ Corps Tactical Zone
CWCP Civilian War Casualty program
DBC Deputy brigade commander
DC Dental Corps
DCG Deputy commanding general
DCS Deputy Chief of Staff
DDS Diaminodiphenylsulfone
Den Dental
DENTCAP Dental Dental Civic Action Program (dental counterpart to MEDCAP)
DEROS Date eligible for return from overseas
DSA Defense Supply Agency
Dust-off Army medical evacuation helicopter units not organic to divisions
ExecO Executive Officer
FASCOM A field army support command
FEJMRO Far East Medical Regulating Office
FEST Field Epidemiologic Survey Team
FUO Fever of undetermined origin
FWMAF Free World Military Assistance Forces
G-1 Assistant Chief of Staff for Personnel
G-4 Assistant Chief of Staff for Logistics
IBM International Business Machines
IHS Idiopathic Hemorrhagic Syndrome
Intel Intelligence
ISG Immune serum globulin
KIA Killed in action
LST Landing ship, tank
MAAGV United States Military Assistance Advisory Group, Vietnam
MAST Military Assistance to Safety in Traffic
MBPA Military Blood Program Agency
MC Medical Corps
MEDCAP Medical Civic Action Program
Med Mat Medical materiel
Mgt Management
Mil Med Military Medicine
MILPHAP Military Provincial Health Assistance Program
Mob Mobile
Mos Military occupational specialty
MPR Military pay record
Mpr Con Manpower control
MRO Medical regulating office(r)
MSC Medical Service Corps
MUST Medical unit, self-contained, transportable
NAMRU Naval Medical Research Unit
NCR National Cash Register
Opns Operations
P&A Personnel and administration
PACOM Pacific Command
Pers Personnel
PF Popular Force
PHAP Provincial Health Assistance Program
PIO Public information office(r)
Pol Policies
POW Prisoner of War
Prev Med Preventive Medicine
Prof Svc Professional Service
PSC Personnel service company
Reg Regulating, regulator
RF Regional Forces
ROAD Reorganization Objective Army Divisions
R&R Rest and recuperation
RVN The Republic of Vietnam
RVNAF Republic of Vietnam Armed Forces
S-14 Adjutant (U.S. Army)
S-3 Operations and training officer (U.S. Army)
S-4 Supply Officer (U.S. Army)
Sch School
Sci Science
Scry Security
SEATO Southeast Asia Treaty Organization
Sec Section
Stat Statistics
SWPA Southwest Pacific theater (World War II)
TAADS The Army Authorization Document System
TASTA The administrative support - theater Army
TCP Tropical Canine Pancytopenia
Trng Training
TOE Table of organization and equipment
USAMEDCOMV United States Army Medical Command, Vietnam (Provisional)
USAMMA United States Army Medical Materiel Agency
USAMRDC United States Army Medical Research and Development Command
USARPAC United States Army, Pacific
USARV United States Army, Vietnam
USARYIS United States Army, Ryukyu Islands
USASCV United States Army Support Command, Vietnam
USASGV United States Army Support Group, Vietnam
USDA United States Department of Agriculture
USMACV United States Military Assistance Command, Vietnam
USOM United States Operations Mission
USPHS United States Public Health Service
Vet Veterinary, veterinarian
VETCAP Veterinary Civic Action Program (veterinary part of MEDCAP)
WIA Wounded in action
WRAIR Walter Reed Army Institute of Research


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