Admin    Administrative
ANZAC    Australian-New Zealand Army Corps
APC's    Armored personnel carriers
Comd    Command
CORDS    Civil Operations Revolutionary Development Support
CTZ    Corps tactical zone
DMZ    Demilitarized zone
DS    Direct support
GVN    Government of South Vietnam
JUSPAO    Joint U.S. Public Affairs Office
KANZUS    Korean, Australian, New Zealand, and U.S. (troops)
KIA    Killed in action
LRRP    Long-range reconnaissance patrol
LSM's    Landing ships, mechanized
IST's    Landing ships, tank
MAP    Military Assistance Program
MOS    Military occupational specialty
NVA    North Vietnamese Army
NZ SAS    New Zealand Special Air Services
PGM 107    Motor gunboat
PHILCAG    Philippine Civic Action Group
PHILCAGV    Philippine Civic Action Group, Vietnam
POL    Petroleum, oil, and lubricants
RCT    Regimental combat team
Repl    Replacement
RNZIR    Royal New Zealand Infantry Regiment
ROK    Republic of Korea
RVN    Republic of Vietnam
RVNAF    Republic of Vietnam armed forces
SEATO    Southeast Asia Treaty Organization
Svcs    Services
TAOR    Tactical area of responsibility
UNICEF    United Nations Children's Fund
USAID U.S.  Agency for International Development
USMACV U.S.  Military Assistance Command, Vietnam


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