Appendix A
The list that follows includes all commanders of armored units of the U.S. Army in Vietnam at battalion and squadron level and above and the organization to which the armored unit was assigned or attached. When an armored unit was permanently attached or assigned as an independent unit below that level, as in the case of a separate cavalry troop attached to an infantry brigade, the commanders have also been included.
Ground Cavalry Units
1st Squadron, 1st Cavalry 1 (23d Infantry Division-Americal)
Lt. Col Richard Harrington, August 1967 January 1968; Lt. Col. Walter C. Cousland, January-July 1968; Lt. Col. Richard D. Lawrence, July-November 1968; Lt. Col. Philip L. Bolte, November 1968-May 1969; Lt. Col. John H. Dure, May-November 1969; Lt. Col. Richard G. Graves, December 1969 July 1970; Lt. Col. Crosbie E. Saint, July-October 1970; Lt. Col. Sheldon J. Burnett, October 1970-March 1971; Lt. Col. Gene L. Breeding, March July 1971; Lt. Col. Richard E. Lorix, July 1971 April 1972.
Troop E, 1st Cavalry (11th Infantry Brigade, 23d Infantry Division-Americal)
Capt. Terry L. Alexander, October 1967-May 1968; Capt. James R. Oley, May-November 1968; Capt. Kenneth R. Breeden, November 1968-May 1969; 1st Lt. Tony E. Varda, May June 1969; Capt. Joe
F. Galle, June 1969-March 1970; Capt. Robert P. Seng, March-June 1970; Capt. Kenneth P. Lord III, July.-September 1970; Capt. Richard A. Williams, September-November 1970; Capt. James L. Wilson,
November 1970-September 1971; Capt. Michael V. Foster, September-October 1971.
2d Squadron, 1st Cavalry 2 (4th Infantry Division)
Lt. Col. Joseph M. Gay, Jr., August 1967 January 1968; Lt. Col. Charles P. Graham, January June 1968; Lt. Col. Donald W. Moreau,

July-December 1968; Lt. Col. Richard A. Miller, December 1968June 1969; Lt. Col. John M. Fairey, June-December 1969; Lt. Col. Robert G. Bond, December 1969-June 1970; Lt. Col. Landon P. Whitelaw, June-October 1970.
1st Squadron, 4th Cavalry (1st Infantry Division)
Lt. Col. Paul M. Fisher, October 1965-April 1966; Lt. Col. Leonard L. Lewane, April-December 1966; Lt. Col. Thomas W. Fife, December 1966-May 1967; Lt. Col. John W. Seigle, May 1967-February 1968; Lt. Col. Thomas B. Tyree, February July 1968; Lt. Col. John C. Faith, July 1968 January 1969; Lt. Col. William C. Haponski, January July 1969; Lt. Col. John T. Murchinson, July-December 1969; Lt. Col. Frederic J. Brown, January-April 1970.
3d Squadron, 4th Cavalry (25th Infantry Division)
Lt. Col. John R. Hendry, February-November 1966; Lt. Col. George S. Webb, November 1966-May 1967; Maj. George N. Stenehjem, May-June 1967; Lt. Col. John M. Shea, June-November 1967; Lt. Col. Glenn K. Otis, December 1967-May 1968; Maj. James G. Jordan, May-June 1968; Lt. Col. Clemens A. Riley, June-November 1968; Lt. Col. Robert S. McGowan, November 1968-August 1969; Lt. Col. Joseph R. Paluh, August-November 1969; Lt. Col. Corwin A. Mitchell, November 1969-May 1970; Lt. Col. Noel D. Knotts, May-October 1970; Lt. Col. Dan L. Drury, October 1970.
3d Squadron, 5th Cavalry (9th Infantry Division)
Lt. Col. Sidney S. Haszard, January July 1967; Lt. Col. Howard R. Fuller, Jr., July 1967-January 1968; Lt. Col. Hugh J. Bartley, January-August 1968; Lt. Col. Angelo Grills, August-December 1968; Lt. Col. Thomas E. Carpenter, December 1968 June 1969; Lt. Col. Joseph L. Hadaway, July 1969-January 1970; Lt. Col. William N. Bradberry, Jr., January-July 1970; Lt. Col. Harold R. Page, July-December 1970; Lt. Col. Robert B. Osborn, January-October 1971.
1st Squadron, 10th Cavalry (4th Infantry Division)
Lt. Col. Wallace H. Nutting, September 1966-February 1967; Lt. Col. Thomas F. Cole, February-August 1967; Lt. Col. Charles K. Heiden, August 1967-February 1968; Lt. Col. John F. Brownfield, February-July 1968; Lt. Col. Robert W. Noce, July 1968-January 1969; Lt. Col. Roderick D. Renick, Jr., January-June 1969; Lt. Col. Clyde H. Patterson, June-.July 1969; Lt. Col. James T. Bramlett, July-September 1969; Lt. Col. William J. Moran, September 1969March 1970; Lt. Col. Servetus T. Ashworth III, March-August 1970; Lt. Col. John Mason, August 1970-February 1971; Lt. Col. Peter C. Hains, February-August 1971; Maj. John D. George, Jr., AugustSeptember 1971; Lt. Col. John W. Hudachek, September-November 1971.

11th Armored Cavalry (II Field Force, Vietnam)
Col. William W. Cobb, September 1966-May 1967; Col. Roy W. Farley, May-December 1967; Col. Jack MacFarlane, December 1967March 1968; Col. Leonard D. Holder, March 1968; Col. Charles R. Gorder, March-July 1968; Col. George S. Patton, July 1968-April 1969; Col. James H. Leach, April-December 1969; Col. Donn A. Starry, December 1969-June 1970; Col. John L. Gerrity, June-December 1970; Col. Wallace H. Nutting, December 1970-March 1971.
1st Squadron, 11th Armored Cavalry
Lt. Col. Martin D. Howell, September 1966-September 1967; Lt. Col. James H. Holt, September 1967-January 1968; Lt. Col. Jack W. Nielsen, January-August 1968; Lt. Col. Briggs H. Jones, August-November 1968; Lt. Col. Merritte W. Ireland, November 1968-April 1969; Maj. John C. Bahnsen, Jr., April.-September 1969; Lt. Col. ,John M. Norton, September 1969-January 1970; Lt. Col. James B. Reed, January-September 1970; Lt. Col. Donald A. McKnight, September 1970-March 1971.
2d Squadron, 11th Armored Cavalry
Lt. Col. Kibbey M. Horne, September 1966-February 1967; Lt. Col. Benjamin F. Hannon III, February-August 1967; Lt. Col. Garland McSpadden, August 1967-April 1968; Lt. Col. John P. Prillaman, April-September 1968; Lt. Col. Lee D. Duke, October 1968-April 1969; Lt. Col. James H. Aarestad, April--September 1969; Lt. Col. Grail L. Brookshire, September 1969-June 1970; Lt. Col. Richard L. Coffman, June-July 1970; Lt. Col. John L. Ballantyne, August 1970 June 1971; Lt. Col. William M. Stokes III, June 1971 April 1972.
3d Squadron, 11th Armored Cavalry
Lt. Col. Palmer A. Peterson, September-December 1966; Lt. Col. Arthur F. Cochran, December 1966-July 1967; Lt. Col. Hillman Dickinson, July 1967 January 1968; Lt. Col. Neal Creighton, January-July 1968; Lt. Col. John W. McEnery, July 1968-June 1969; Lt. Col. David K. Doyle, June-December 1969; Lt. Col. George C. Hoffmaster, Jr., December 1969-March 1970; Lt. Col. Bobby F. Griffin, March-October 1970; Lt. Col. Frank E. Varljen, October 1970-March 1971.
Troop A, 4th Squadron, 12th Cavalry (1st Brigade, 5th Infantry Division-Mechanized)
Capt. Errol D. Alexander, July-October 1968; Capt. Kenneth G. Carlson, October 1968-March 1969; Capt. Larry R. Robinson, March-September 1969; Capt. William C. Kaufman, September-November 1969; Capt. Matthias A. Spruill, November 1969-February 1970; Capt. John L. B. Smith, Jr., February-May 1970; Capt.

Robert R. Richards, May-October 1970; Capt. Woodrow W. Waldrop, October 1970-April 1971; Capt. 
Edward E. Helton, April-October 1971.
Troop B, 1st Squadron, 17th Cavalry (82d Airborne Division)
Capt. Dennis P. Malcor, February-May 1968; Capt. William R. Porter, May-November 1968; Capt. Rae W. Dehncke, November 1968 June 1969; Capt. John R. Cushing, June 1969-February 1970.
2d Squadron, 17th Cavalry 3 (101st Airborne Division)
Lt. Col. Julius W. Becton, Jr., December 1967-June 1968; Lt. Col. Egbert B. Clark III, June-December 1968.
Troop A, 2d Squadron, 17th Cavalry 4 (101st Airborne Division)
Capt. William R. Wilson, July 1965 January 1966; Capt. George A. Hamilton, January-June 1966; 1st Lt. Doye W. Adams, June-July 1966; Capt. Richard R. Maglin, July-November 1966; Capt. Dale N. Wagner, November 1966-May 1967; Capt. James R. Harding, May-December 1967.
Troop D, 17th Cavalry 5 (199th Infantry Brigade (Light))
Capt. Michael C. Small, December 1966-November 1967; Capt. Alroy Wahl, November 1967-May 1968; Capt. Keith J. Phillips, May-October 1968; Capt. William B. Garber, October 1968-March 1969; Capt. Paul J. Peterson, March-August 1969; Capt. Michael A. Doyle, August 1969-April 1970; Capt. David F. Rathje, May-October 1970.
Troop E, 17th Cavalry (173d Airborne Brigade)
Capt, David G. Moore, May 1965-April 1966; Maj. Bryan J. Sutton, April 1966-April 1967; Maj. David E. Person, April-September 1967; Capt. Corless W. Mitchell, September 1967-April 1968; Capt. James Ording, April-November 1968; Capt. William J. Hurley, November 1968-April 1969; Capt. Mason B. Sesler, Jr., May-August 1969; Capt. Frederick N. Suttle, August-October 1969; Capt. John M. Weaver, October 1969-April 1970; Capt. Alfred W. Baker, April-June 1970; Capt. John C. Johnston, July-August 1970; Capt. David F. Cunningham, September-December 1970; Capt. Rand L. Allen, December 1970-February 1971; Capt. Edward A. Boles, February 1971-August 1971.

Troop F, 17th Cavalry (196th Infantry Brigade, 23d Infantry Division-Americal)
Capt. Clyde W. Roan, September 1965-December 1966; Capt. Ronald A. Lane, January-August 1967; Capt, Richard C. Stubbs, August 1967-February 1968; Capt. Richard N. Davis, February-May 1968; Capt. James E. Owens, Jr., May 1968-May 1969; Capt. Alfred I. Stober, June-September 1969; Capt. Klien S. Harrison, September 1969-January 1970; Capt. Roscoe Cartwright, February-September 1970; Capt. Timothy A. Fisher, October 1970-January 1971; Capt. Chester W. Fetner, January-April 1971; 1st Lt. William H. Clarke III, April-May 1971; Capt. George A. Lynn, Jr., May-July 1971; Capt, Charles F. Brower IV, July 1971-April 1972.
Troop H, 17th Cavalry 6 (198th Infantry Brigade, 23d Infantry Division)
Capt. Walter E. Reasor, October 1967-July 1968; Capt. Alfred R. Chioffe, August 1968-March 1969; Capt. James W. Watts, MarchMay 1969; Capt. John R. Dethorn, May-November 1969; Capt. Max K. Natzet, November 1969-February 1970; 1st Lt. Daniel E. Gooding, March June 1970; Capt. Oliver L. Croom, Jr., June-November 1970; Capt. Ronald L. Barnable, November 1970-February 1971; Capt. Paul R. Davis, February-April 1971; Capt. Stanley F. Cherrie, April-May 1971; Capt. Randall F. Jarmon, May-August 1971; Capt. Daniel J. Cox, August-October 1971.
Air Cavalry Units
Troop D, 1st Squadron, 1st Cavalry 7 (101st Airborne Division)
Maj. Connie D. Eady, July-November 1968; Maj. Robert E. Wolfe, November 1968 July 1969.
7th Squadron, 1st Cavalry (164th Aviation Group, 1st Aviation Brigade)
Lt. Col. Charles E. Canedy, February-May 1968; Lt. Col. Robert W. Mills, May-November 1968; Lt. Col. George R. Crook, November 1968-May 1969; Lt. Col. George E. Derrick, May-October 1969; Lt. Col. Ronald T. Walker, October 1969-April 1970; Lt. Col. John W. Woodmansee, April-October 1970; Lt. Col. James D. Marett, October-November 1970; Lt. Col. George W. Shallcross, November 1970-September 1971; Lt. Col. Francis B. Martin, September 1971 April 1972.

Troop F, 4th Cavalry 8 (12th Aviation Group, 1st Aviation Brigade)
Maj. Thomas R. Hamilton, February June 1971; Capt. Richard A. Bell, June-July 1971; Capt. Rodolfo Gutierrez, July-September 1971; Maj. Billy F. Hatch, September 1971-February 1972; Maj. John J. Spencer, Jr., February.-September 1972; Maj. Kermit E. Larson, Jr., September 1972-February 1973.
Troop F, 8th Cavalry (23d Infantry Division-Americal)
Maj. Richard H. Merritt, October 1967-April 1968; Maj. Harold J. Earwood, Jr., April-September 1968; Maj. Lawrence Zittram, September 1968-February 1969; Maj. Jessie W. Watson, Jr., February-August 1969; Maj. Charles E. Ivey, September 1969-March 1970; Maj. Paul R. Stalker, March-October 1970; Maj. George W. Sibert, October 1970-April 1971; Maj. Alfred S. Rushatz, April 1971-January 1972; Maj. William J. Head, January-March 1972; Maj. John P. Kennedy, March-October 1972; Maj. William D. Dantzler, October 1972-February 1973.
1st Squadron, 9th Cavalry (1st Cavalry Division-Airmobile)
Lt. Col. John B. Stockton, September-December 1965; Lt. Col. Robert M. Shoemaker, December 1965-May 1966; Lt. Col. James C. Smith, May-November 1966; Lt. Col. A. T. Pumphrey, November 1966 April 1967; Lt. Col. Robert H. Nevins, April-December 1967; Lt. Col. Richard W. Diller, December 1967-July 1968; Lt. Col. William C. Rousse, July 1968-January 1969; Lt. Col. James M. Peterson, January-June 1969; Lt. Col. James W. Booth, June-August 1969; Lt. Col. Edward B. Covington, August-September 1969; Lt. Col. James W. Booth, September-December 1969; Lt. Col. Clark A. Burnett, December 1969-August 1970; Lt. Col. Robert H. Nevins, August 1970 January 1971; Lt. Col. Carl M. Putnam, January-June 1971.
Troop F, 9th Cavalry 9 (12th Aviation Group, 1st Aviation Brigade)
Capt. John E. Shields, June-September 1971; Maj. Coleman J. McDevitt, October 1971-April 1972; Maj. George P. Hewlett, May 1972-February 1973.
Troop H, 10th Cavalry 10 (17th Aviation Group, 1st Aviation Brigade)
Maj. Edward M. Brown, April-July 1972; Maj. Sidney F. Lyons, Jr., July 1972-March 1973.

Troop C, 16th Cavalry (164th Aviation Group, 1st Aviation Brigade)
Maj. Robert L. Phillips, March-July 1970; Maj. Donald M. Frierson, July-December 1970; Maj. Leslie J. Valouche, December 1970-June 1971; Maj. John R. Crist, June-September 1971; Maj. Sanderson A. Woods, September 1971-April 1972; Maj. Thomas H. Craft, April-September 1972; Maj. Donald J. Fritsche, September 1972-February 1973.
2d Squadron, 17th Cavalry 11 (101st Airborne Division, Airmobile)
Lt. Col. William W. De Loach, December 1968-September 1969; Lt. Col. Lavere W. Bindrup, September 1969-March 1970; Lt. Col. Robert F. Molinelli, March 1970-March 1971; Lt. Col. Archie A. Rider, March-October 1971; Lt. Col. Alman 1. Butler, October 1971-February 1972.
3d Squadron, 17th Cavalry (12th Aviation Group, 1st Aviation Brigade)
Lt. Col. Christopher B. Sinclair, Jr. October 1967-February 1968; Lt. Col. William W. Brannon, Jr. March-Tuly 1968; Lt. Col. John H. Phillips, July 1968-January 1969; Lt. Col. John B. Fitch, January-September 1969; Lt. Col. Robert A. Arnet, September 1969February 1970; Lt. Col. Gordon T. Carey, February-September 1970; Lt. Col. Billie G. Williams, September 1970-March 1971; Lt. Col. Carl J. Haaland, March-October 1971; Lt. Col. John E. Dugan, October 1971-March 1972.
7th Squadron, 17th Cavalry (17th Aviation Group, 1st Aviation Brigade)
Lt. Col. Lawrence H. Johnson, October 1967-March 1968; Lt. Col. Stephen F. Cameron, March-September 1968; Lt. Col. Robert M. Reuter, September 1968-March 1969; Lt. Col. Calvin R. Bean, March-September 1969; Lt. Col. George S. Murry, September 1969March 1970; Lt. Col. Rudolph B. DeFrance, March-September 1970; Lt. Col. Ernest A. Smart, September 1970-September 1971; Lt. Col. Jack W. Anderson, Jr., October 1971-July 1972.
Troop D, 17th Cavalry 12 (11th Aviation Group, 1st Aviation Brigade)
Capt. James W. Bryant, Jr., April-June 1972; Maj. Robert Fairweather, June-September 1972; Maj. Wilbert W. Sorenson, September 1972-February 1973.
Troop H, 17th Cavalry 13 (17th Aviation Group, 1st Aviation Brigade)

Maj. James M. Gibbs, April-September 1972; Maj. Ronald M. Fishburn, September 1972-February 1973.
Mechanized Infantry Units
2d Battalion, 2d Infantry 14 (1st Infantry Division)
Lt. Col. Edward J. Collins, December 1966-May 1967; Lt. Col. John D. Pelton, May-September 1967; Lt. Col. Henry L. Davisson, September 1967 July 1968; Lt. Col. George D. Greer, July-December 1968; Lt. Col. James A. Michienzi, December 1968-June 1969; Lt. Col. Newell E. Vinson, June-December 1969; Lt. Col. Lee D. Brown, December 1969-April 1970.
1st Brigade, 5th Infantry Division-Mechanized (XXIV Corps)
Col. Richard J. Glikes, July-October 1968; Col. James M. Gibson, October 1968 June 1969; Col. John L. Osteen, Jr., June-December 1969; Brig. Gen. William A. Burke, January-July 1970; Brig. Gen. John G. Hill, Jr., July 1970-May 1971; Brig. Gen. Harold H. Dunwoody, May-July 1971.
1st Battalion, 5th Infantry (25th Infantry Division)
Lt. Col. Thomas U. Greer, January-August 1966; Lt. Col. Victor F. Diaz, August 1966 January 1967; Lt. Col. Richard C. Rogers, January-May 1967; Lt. Col. Chandler Goodnow, May-October 1967; Lt. Col. Fremont B. Hodson, October-December 1967; Maj. Ralph K. Hook, December 1967-January 1968; Lt. Col. Henry B. Murphy, Jr., January-February 1968; Lt. Col. Thomas C. Lodge, February-June 1968; Lt. Col. Andrew H. Anderson, June-October 1968; Lt. Col. William E. Klein, October 1968 June 1969, Lt. Col. Robert A. Kurek, June-October 1969; Lt. Col. Frederick C. Delisle, October 1969 January 1970; Lt. Col. Ted G. Westerman, January July 1970; Lt. Col. Oliver B. Combs, Jr., July-November 1970; Lt. Col. Patrick J. Moore, November 1970-April 1971.
2d Battalion, 8th Infantry 15 (4th Infantry Division)
Lt. Col. Gordon J. Duquemin, November 1966-May 1967; Lt. Col. John P. Berres, June-December 1967; Lt. Col. John D. Edgerton, December 1967-September 1968; Lt. Col. David P. Thoreson, September 1968-February 1969; Lt. Col. William S. DeCamp, February-July 1969; Lt. Col. Alfred G. Sapp, July-September 1969; Lt. Col. Charles E. Thomann, September 1969 January 1970; Lt. Col.

Robert J. Sunell, February July 1970; Lt. Col. John C. Gazlay, July-October 1970.
1st Battalion, 16th Infantry 16 (1st Infantry Division)
Lt. Col. Robert C. Lewis, October-November 1968; Lt. Col. Donald C. Shuffstall, November 1968-April 1969; Lt. Col. Kenneth G. Cassels, April-September 1969; Lt. Col. David C. Martin, October 1969-April 1970.
2d Battalion, 22d Infantry (25th Infantry Division)
Lt. Col. Richard W. Clark, October 1966-February 1967; Lt. Col. Ralph W. Julian, February-September 1967; Lt. Col. Awbrey G. Norris, September 1967-February 1968; Lt. Col. King J. Coffman, February-August 1968; Lt. Col. James A. Damon, August-December 1968; Lt. Col. Ralph M. Cline, Jr., December 1968-May 1969; Lt. Col. John C. Eitel, May-August 1969; Lt. Col. Bruce F. Williams, August-November 1969; Lt. Col. John R. Parker, November 1969May 1970; Lt. Col. Nathan C. Vail, May-November 1970.
4th Battalion, 23d Infantry 17 (25th Infantry Division)
Lt. Col. Walworth F. Williams, December 1966-June 1967; Lt. Col. Thomas A. Ware, Jr., June-December 1967; Lt. Col. Avery S. Fullerton, December 1967-May 1968; Lt. Col. Clifford C. Neilson, May-November 1968; Lt. Col. Albert C. Butler, December 1968-March 1969; Lt. Col. George E. Taylor, March-September 1969; Lt. Col. James E. Coggins, September 1969-March 1970; Maj. Frederick S. Stanley, March-April 1970; Lt. Col. Edward M. Bradford, April-November 1970; Maj. Jerry D. Blackwood, November-December 1970.
2d Battalion, 47th Infantry (9th Infantry Division)
Lt. Col. William B. Cronin, January-April 1967; Lt. Col. Arthur D. Moreland, April-December 1967; Lt. Col. John B. Tower, January June 1968; Lt. Col. Frederick F. Van Deusen, June-July 1968; Lt. Col. James L. Scovel, July 1968-January 1969; Lt. Col. Douglas S. Smith, January July 1969; Lt. Col. James W. Rowe, July-January 1970; Lt. Col. John H. Claybrook, January July 1970; Lt. Col. Gary C. Williams, July-October 1970.
1st Battalion, 50th Infantry (I Field Force, Vietnam)
Lt. Col. Albert L. Hutson, Jr., September 1967 January 1968; Lt. Col. Cheney L. Bertholf, Jr., February-July 1968; Lt. Col. John B.

Carter, July 1968 January 1969; Lt. Col. James R. Woodall, January-June 1969; Maj. Oren R. Culpepper, June-July 1969; Lt. Col. John M. Gilbert, July 1969 January 1970; Lt. Col. Robert H. Luck, January June 1970; Lt. Col. Richard D. Hooker, June-December 1970.
5th Battalion, 60th Infantry 18 (9th Infantry Division)
Lt. Col. Lucian K. Truscott III, December 1966-March 1967; Lt. Col. Allan S. Flynn, March-August 1967; Lt. Col. William B. Steele, August 1967-March 1968; Lt. Col. Eric F. Antila, March-September 1968.
1st Battalion, 61st Infantry (1st Brigade, 5th Infantry Division-Mechanized)
Lt. Col. Bernard D. Wheeler, July-December 1968; Lt. Col. David E. Hartigan, January-July 1969; Lt. Col. John W. Swaren, Jr., July 1969 June 1970; Lt. Col. Richard A. Scholtes, June 1970-February 1971; Lt. Col. Arnold S. Stallman, February July 1971; Lt. Col. Robert M. Brumback, July 1971.
Tank Units
Company D, 16th Armor (173d Airborne Brigade)
Capt. Josef C. Jordan, Jr., May-September 1965; Capt. John E. Dunlop, Jr., September 1965-April 1966; Capt. Karl F. Nehammer, April-October 1966; Capt. John K. Waters, October 1966-May 1967; Capt. Robert D. Mackey, May-November 1967; Capt. Robert F. Helmick, November 1967-April 1968; Capt. James S. Hicks, April-December 1968; Capt. Ronald A. Bogue, December 1968 July 1969; Capt. John M. Weaver, July-October 1969.
2d Battalion, 34th Armor 19 (25th Infantry Division)
Lt. Col. Raymond L. Stailey, September 1966-August 1967; Lt. Col. Hal B. Rhyne, August 1967-February 1968; Lt. Col. John H. Tipton, February-July 1968; Lt. Col. Theodore E. O'Connor, July 1968 January 1969; Lt. Col. Duane R. Tague, January June 1969; Lt. Col. Tommie G. Smith, June-November 1969; Lt. Col. William M. Greenberg, December 1969-May 1970; Lt. Col. Birtrun S. Kidwell, May-October 1970.

1st Battalion, 69th Armor 20 (4th Infantry Division)
Lt. Col. Ronald J. Fairfield, Jr., January-September 1966; Lt. Col. Clyde O. Clark, September 1966-March 1967; Lt. Col. Paul S. Williams, Jr., March-September 1967; Lt. Col. William D. Grant, September 1967-February 1968; Lt. Col. Theodore S. Riggs, Jr., February-August 1968; Lt. Col. Stan R. Sheridan, September 1968January 1969; Lt. Col. Leo M. Brandt, January-May 1969; Maj. George J. Latturner, May-July 1969; Lt. Col. Donald J. Pagel, July-November 1969; Lt. Col. James L. Marini, December 1969-April 1970.
1st Battalion, 77th Armor (1st Brigade, 5th Infantry Division-Mechanized)
Lt. Col. John M. Pickarts, July-December 1968; Lt. Col. Carmelo P. Milia, December 1968-May 1969; Lt. Col. Thomas A. Miller, Jr., June-December 1969; Lt. Col. Niven J. Baird, December 1969-June 1970; Lt. Col. John T. McNamara, July-November 1970; Lt. Col. Richard M. Meyer, November 1970-April 1971; Lt. Col. Robert E. Butler, April-July 1971.
Special Armored Unit
39th Cavalry Platoon (Air Cushion) 21 (9th Infantry Division)
Maj. David G. Moore, May 1968-April 1969; Maj. Edward R. Szeman, April-December 1969; Maj. Duane B. Root, December 1969 June 1970; Maj. Barry F. Graham, July-August 1970; 1st Lt. George E. Rogers, August September 1970.


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