Endnotes for Chapter VI

1 General Abrams was the first to recognize officially the enemy tactic and to define the countertactic to cut off what he termed "the enemy's logistics nose."
2 Deployment of the Sheridans and installation of diesel engines in the M1 13's were not the only efforts to improve mobility. In May 1968 three air cushion vehicles were tested in the delta. Nicknamed the 39th Cavalry Platoon, the vehicles were so beset by maintenance problems that the test ended inconclusively
3 The cadre of this regiment studied tank warfare in Communist China and the Soviet Union in the mid-1950's. The numerical designation of the regiment was derived from the 202 cadre members who had been trained abroad.
4 In November 1968 a pilot from the 7th Squadron, 17th Cavalry (Air) , reported four unidentified tanks in this area but the report was never confirmed. The 4th Infantry Division had reports from various sources that enemy tanks were present in the area.

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