A Gp   Army Group
AAF Army Air Forces
AAR    After Action Report
AEAF   Allied Expeditionary Air Force
AEF   American Expeditionary Force (World War 1)
AGO    The Adjutant General's Office
AI   Armored infantry
Alligator   Amphibian tracked vehicle
AnIage   Appendix or annex
AUS Army of the United States
Bailey bridge  Portable steel bridge of the "through" type. The roadway is supported by two main trusses composed of 10 ‑foot sections called panels" pinned together to form a continuous truss. Capacity   may be increased by adding extra trusses alongside the first, by adding an extra truss on top of the first to make a second story, or by both means.
Bangalore torpedo Metal tube packed with high explosive
BAR             Browning automatic rifle
Baustandskarte  German engineer map, showing status of construction
Bazooka        Rocket launcher, hand‑carried
Bazooka pants      Additional armor to protect tank tracks from antitank fire
BBC British Broadcasting Corporation
Bouncing Betty   Bounding type of German antipersonnel mine that explodes three to five feet in the air
Burp gun German submachine gun
CCA  Combat Command A, one of the major, flexible, combat formations in armored division
CCB  Combat Command B, in armored division
CCD     Combat Command D, in French armored division
CCL    Combat Command L, in French armored division
CCR    Reserve Combat Command, in armored division
CCS   Combined Chiefs of Staff
CCV Combat Command V, in French armored division
C-in-C Commander in Chief
Cofs Chief of Staff
Dragon's teeth  Concrete pillars or iron posts erected as tank barriers
DSC   Distinguished Service Cross

2 1/2-ton, 6 X 6 amphibian truck, used for short runs from ship to shore                      

Ersatzheer  German Replacement Army
ETO   European Theater of Operations
ETOUSA   European Theater of Operations, U.S. Army
Ex O Executive officer
FA  Field artillery
Fahnenjunkerschule German officer candidate school
Feldgendarmerie German military police
Feldgericht Military tribunal of summary nature
Feldheer Field army
Festung Fortress
FFI French Forces of the Interior
Flash-hider salt   Chemicals mixed with explosive to reduce muzzle flash
Fliegerkorps Corps-type operational command of the Luftwaffe
Fuesilier battalion Separate infantry battalion performing both reconnaissance and support in German division.
FUSA First U.S. Army
FWD Forward headquarters
G-1  Personnel section of divisional or higher staff
G-2    Intelligence section
G-3 Operations section
G-4  Supply section
General der Luftwaffe beim Oberbefehlshaber des Heeres Air Force general acting as liaison officer with Commander in Chief of the Army
Gen. Qu.  General Quartiermeister (Chief of supply and administartion for the Geman Army)
Gen. St. d. H.  Generalstab des Heeres (General Staff of the Army)
Gkdo.   Generalkommando (Corps-type headquarters)
GMDS   German Military Documents Section, AGO
Grouser Steel piece welded to tank track to increase traction in mud
Halb-soldaten "Half‑soldiers": over‑age or inferior German soldiers
Half-track Combination wheeled and tracked armored personnel carrier
Heeresarchiv German Army Archives
Heeresara Surgeon General of the German Army
Hilfswillige Volunteer auxiliaries (non‑German)
Hiderjugend Hitler Youth
Jabo German nickname for fighter‑bomber
Jagdkorps German fighter‑plane command, corps type
Jeep Y4‑ton vehicle, personnel carrier
Kampfgruppe German combat group of variable size
Kdtr. d. Bef.  Kommandantur der Befestigungen (Fortification Command)
KIA   Killed in action
KTB   Kriegstagebuch (war diary)
Lagebuch  Collection of reports, usually on the military situation
Landesschuetzen  Home Guard, sometimes employed outside Germany
Luftflotte An air force of the Luftwaffe
Luftwaffe  German Air Force
M-4 (Sherman)      American medium tank
Marching fire  Firing by troops'while erect and advancing
Mark IV German medium tank
Mark V (Panther)   German medium tank with heavy armor and high velocity gun
MG 34   German machine gun, model 1934
MIA  Missing in action
Mil  Military Intelligence Interrogation
MLR   Main line of resistance
MP          Military police
Mtzd    Motorize
Nachrichtenschule  Signal school
Napalm   Incendiary bomb containing butane and petroleum jelly
NCO     Noncommissioned officer
OB WEST   Oberbefehlshaber West (Highest German ground headquarters of the Western Front)

Oberkommando (Headquarters of an army or higher military organization)

OKH  Oberkommando des Heeres (High Command of the Army)

Oberkommando der Wehrmacht (High Command of the Armed  Forces)

ONI  Office of Naval Intelligence
OP  Observation post
Org. Abt.  Organizations Abteilung (Staff subdivision in charge of organization)
Ostheer German Army on the Eastern Front
Panther (Mark V) German medium tank with heavy armor and high velocity gun
Panzerfaust   Recoilless antitank grenade launcher, hand‑carried
Paihfinders  Aircraft that lead a formation to the drop zone, release point, or target
Persondakten  Individual personnel files of German officers
POL Petrol, oil, and lubricants
Road runner  Artillery fire Which is "walked" along a road to cover successive segments
S-1 Personnel section of regimental or lower staff
S-2 Intelligence section
S-3   Operations section
S-4   Supply section
SG  Smoke generator
SGS  Secretary of the General Staff
SHAEF Supreme Headquarters, Allied Expeditionary Force
Shell-rep team   Team for reporting rate and type of enemy artillery fire
S-mine German antipersonnel mine
SS  Schutzstaffel (Elite Guard)
Stab Gen. Art.   Chief Artillery Officer at...beim...
Stellung    Selected position, sometimes organized
TAC Tactical Air Command
TD Tank destroyer
TF  Task force
Tiger German heavy tank
T/O Table of Organization
Todt workers Laborers on fortifications, the name being derived from the name of a German official
Tommy gun  Thompson submachine gun
TOT  Time on target, a method of timing artillery fire from various points to fall on a given target simultaneously
Tree burst  Explosion of shells against trees, designed to destroy troops underneath
TUSA Third U.S. Army
Unterfuehrerschule Noncommissioned officers' school
USFET U.S. Forces, European Theater
USO United Service Organizations
VG  Volksgrenadier
Volksdeutsche Citizens of a country other than Germany who were considered Germans racially
Volkssturm  A people's militia, partially organized in one of the last steps of German mobilization for total war
Waffen-SS  SS as a military organization
WDGO War Department General Orders
Wehrkreis  German Army administrative area, for the most part inside Greater Germany
WFSt  Wehrmachtfuehrungsstab (Armed Forces Operations Staff)
WIA  Wounded in action

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