The Army Nurse Corps in the War with Spain

Photo, 2d Nebraska Volunteers Second Nebraska Volunteers, Camp George M. Thomas, 1898.

First nurses at Sternberg Hospital, Chickamauga Park, Georgia, August 1898.

Back row, left to right, Major Griffin, Commanding, Maud Cromelien (representative of Auxiliary No. 3), Frances A. Stone, and Anna C. Maxwell.

AN 3-2
Spanish American War, 1898

The New York Nurses, Sternberg General Hospital, Camp Thomas, Chickamauga, Georgia
Photo, "The New York Nurses"
Photo, Sternberg General Hospital U.S. Army. Sternberg General Hospital, Camp Thomas, Chickamauga, GA.

"Dormitory C", furnished by the Red Cross

Sternberg General Hospital, Camp Thomas, Chickamauga, Ga., "Pavilion D" Hospital Ward. Photo, Sternberg General Hospital
Photo, 1899 Field Hospital - 1st Division 1899 Hosp. Field 1st Div. 7th Army Corps Camp Columbia, Havana Cuba
Hospital Ship "RELIEF" in Cuban waters. (Ward Room) Photo, Hospital Ship RELIEF
Photo, Hospital Ship RELIEF Nurses, Hospital Ship "RELIEF", Cuban waters
Hospital Ship RELIEF in Cuban Waters. Operating Room Photo, Hiospital Ship RELIEF
Photo, Spanish American War Nurses Spanish American War Nurses - First meeting, Sept. 1900 - Luncheon at Sherry's, New York - Anita Newcomb McGee sitting in center (white waist & embroidered gray skirt)

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