Instructions for Inactivating or Reflagging Units, Disposition of Historical Records, Files & Historical Property *

Units preparing to inactivate or reflag should review the information below:

  1. The Field Programs and Historical Services Division of the US Army Center of Military History has created this information summary to be used by US Army units that are being inactivated or reflagged, to provide points of contact (POC) regarding the disposition of various types of unit records.
  2. Each unit should appoint a single point of contact who will work internally within the organization to ensure the following actions are completed and who will coordinate with the Center of Military History to ensure that the unit's records are sent to the appropriate repository. This POC may also be the same person who is working with the higher headquarters records managers to ensure that records are preserved.
  3. Organizational History Files (OHF) are maintained by units to capture information regarding the unit’s own history. These files are retired upon the inactivation or reflagging of a unit, and are returned to the unit upon its reactivation in order to provide information to future unit members. The unit POC will contact the US Army Center of Military History by email at for specific disposition instructions.
    Download Attachment#1: Organizational History Files .
  4. Unit historical property includes flags, guidons, and other heraldic items or objects that are historically significant to the unit. The unit POC will contact CMH as noted in the previous paragraph for specific disposition instructions for unit historical property. See AR 870-5, paragraphs 7-6 and 7-7, and AR 870-20.
  5. Each unit with an AA-level Unit Identification Code will package and retire its OHF and historical property separately from any other unit's OHF and property. Each package will be clearly labeled with the designation of the unit to which the contents belong.
  6. Operational Records are the official records of the unit and are prepared, maintained, and retired in accordance with AR 25-400-2. The unit POC will contact the US Army Center of Military History by email at for specific disposition instructions.
    Download Commander's Guide to Operational Records and Data Collection [PDF, 881KB].
  7. Please note that in order to receive campaign participation credit for service in the War on Terrorism, units must submit proof of their service [including exact deployment dates, etc.] to the Awards and Decorations Branch, U.S. Army Human Resources Command (HRC). That office is the authority for War on Terrorism campaign participation credit and will issue permanent orders for approved credit. Before inactivating or reflagging, all units will contact HRC at the following email address: .

After reviewing the information above, if you still have questions, contact us at:

* Note:
These instructions apply to Regular Army and US Army Reserve units. Army National Guard units that are scheduled to reorganize, redesignate, consolidate, convert, or change station will retain their OHF and historical property in accordance with AR 870-5(5-1a)[PDF, 225KB] and NGR 10-1 [PDF, 86KB]. State headquarters elements may retain the OHF and historical property of ARNG units that have had their Federal recognition withdrawn.
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