Army History Magazine

Spring 2024 Edition

June 2024

In the Spring 2024 issue of Army History, we are excited to present two interesting articles, look at a unique selection of Army art, share a visit to the Harbor Defense Museum, and provide a diverse collection of book reviews.

The first article, by Mark Reardon, provides a brief history of the service of Filipino soldiers under U.S. command from 1899 to 1942. After the U.S. acquired the Philippines from Spain in 1898 following the Spanish-American War, Filipinos began their long and distinguished tenure serving in and alongside U.S. forces. From the Philippine Insurrection through the end of World War II, Filipinos served gallantly in all manner of positions. Through their dedicated service, they forged what the author calls an "unbreakable bond" with their American allies.

In the second article, Thomas Bruscino and Mitchell Klingenberg argue that there is a current and historical deficiency in the way maps of military campaigns depict operational art. They detail the shortcomings in campaign mapping, providing a history of the Army's use and creation of maps that has led to this problem. They then propose what proper historical campaign maps should include, using Maj. Gen. George G. Meade's Gettysburg Campaign and their own corrected campaign maps as an example.

This issue's Army Art Spotlight highlights a few pieces of art from the Army's vast collection that look at the Army's response to natural disasters and its provision of humanitarian assistance. This selection shows the Army's commitment to aiding citizens of the United States in their time of need, from the 1992 efforts during Hurricane Andrew through Hurricanes Irma and Maria in 2017.

The Museum Feature takes us on a visit to the Harbor Defense Museum. Located in the Bay Ridge neighborhood of Brooklyn, New York, on the grounds of Fort Hamilton, this museum tells the history of New York City's costal defenses from 1794 to 1950. It provides educational opportunities for all ages of visitors, both soldier and civilian.

As I have done in recent issues, I continue to encourage potential contributors to consider submitting articles on the Revolutionary War period. With the 250th anniversary of the war fast approaching, we are keenly interested in publishing engaging content dealing with this pivotal conflict. Instructions for submitting articles can be found in most issues in the Call for Submissions box. Any questions should be sent to the journal's email address at I also strongly suggest that those who wish to contribute to Army History download and review our Center of Military History style guide, which can be found here: Following this style guide will ensure that your submission is up to standard and will help us review and evaluate it more quickly.

Once again, I thank our readership for its dedication to this publication as the small team here strives to provide you with the best historical content available.

Bryan J. Hockensmith
Managing Editor

Spring 2024 cover issue of Army History Magazine
Army History Magazine:
Spring 2024 Edition

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In this Issue:


Filipino Soldiers Under U.S. Command, 1899-1942
By Mark J. Reardon


The U.S. Army's Forgotten Map Problem, Meade's Gettysburg Campaign, and Depicting Operational Art
By Thomas Bruscino and Mitchell G. Klingenberg

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