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Army History Magazine

Fall 2021 Edition

CMH, October 2021

In this Fall 2021 issue of Army History, we are excited to present two outstanding articles, a top-notch crop of book reviews, a look at a World War II–era gun carriage, and a feature highlighting an Army museum in the Pacific Northwest.

The first article, by frequent Army History contributor Chris Kolakowski, examines Operation Thursday and the aerial invasion of Burma during the Second World War. Masterminded by eccentric British Maj. Gen. Orde C. Wingate, the operation airlifted thousands of soldiers and massive amounts of equipment from India to makeshift airfields carved out of the Burmese jungle behind enemy lines. Senior Allied leaders initially met Wingate’s plan with serious criticism, as the only major Allied airborne operation up to that point had been the Allied air landings on Sicily in July 1943. The drawbacks of that operation left significant doubts in their minds that Wingate’s plan could work in the much harsher terrain of Burma. It was a serious gamble, but one that Wingate was confident could work.

The second article is by the U.S. Army Center of Military History’s executive director Charles Bowery. He looks at Task Force Hawk, the 1999 deployment of Apache attack helicopters during Operation Allied Force, the NATO air campaign to curtail Serbian ethnic cleansing in Kosovo. Hampered by numerous problems, the operation ended before the Apaches ever fired a shot. The article dissects the obstacles faced by the task force and details some of the corrective actions the Army made in the ensuing years.

At the time of this issue’s publication, the staff of Army History has been teleworking primarily for about a year and a half. For those of you who read every issue, I hope you will agree that we have not missed a beat. Come September 2021, we will be returning to the office in a hybrid fashion. One of the benefits of returning to the office will be the resumption of the book review program, which we suspended in March 2020. I am excited to share with you that we will have a sizeable new selection of titles for reviewers to pick from, as publishers continued to send books for review throughout the pandemic.

I must acknowledge many of you for your kind notes and comments about the quality of Army History over the past year. We have worked very hard not to let the situation affect how we do things and your words of encouragement let us know that we are succeeding. There is much work to be done as we transition back into the office, and I expect it to be relatively seamless. We will continue to provide you with engaging content in the issues to come. Thank you all for your support.

Bryan J. Hockensmith
Managing Editor