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Message From the Director/Chief of Military History

Mr. Dalessandro Welcoming Comments

Mr. Dalessandro
Robert J. Dalessandro
Chief of Military History

     The Center accurately collects, preserves, interprets, and expresses the Army's history and material culture to more broadly educate and develop our force, the military profession, and the nation. We accomplish this mission through our primary lines of effort, which entail managing the Army's field history program; developing a cohesive Army museum program; providing historical support to Army leadership; creating and administering a historical knowledge management system; and researching, presenting, and preserving the Army's history and heritage. Our long-term strategic goals are the following:

  • To improve our business processes and create a superior history and museum structure to meet the demands of a globally engaged Army in the twenty-first century.

  • To align the Center with Army knowledge management initiatives by leveraging twenty-first-century best practices and technology to transform our culture and historical information into an asset that has relevance to the Army.

  • To reaffirm the invaluable and indisputable value of the Army Historical Program to the Army and the nation.

  • To achieve greater effectiveness, enhance credibility, and expand the influence of the Army historical community.

  • To provide a highly motivated and loyal workforce that has superior professional capabilities and skills.

Our work with Army schools ensures that the study of history is an important part of the training of officers and noncommissioned officers. We support the use of history to foster unit pride and to give soldiers an understanding of the Army's past, with much of this educational work occurring at field historical offices and in Army museums