Department of the Army Historical Summary: FY 1984


AALPS    Automated Air Load Planning System
AAWS    Advanced Antitank Weapon System
ABGD    Air base ground defense
ACATT    Aviation combined team training
ASA (CW)    Assistant Secretary of the Army (Civil Works)
ACE    Armored Combat Earthmovers
ACP    Asset Capitalization Program
ACTEDS    Army Civilian Training, Education and Development System
ADAPCP    Alcohol and Drug Abuse Prevention and Control Program
ADEA    Army Development and Employment Agency
ADEWS    Air Defense Electronic Warfare System
AFATDS    Advanced Field Artillery Tactical Data System
AFQT    Armed Forces Qualification Test
AGS    Armored gun system
AHIP    Army helicopter improvement program
AIF    Army Industrial Fund
ALO    Authorized Level of Organization
ALOs    Air Liaison Officers
AMC    Army Materiel Command
AMEDD    Army Medical Department
AMEDD PAS    Army Medical Department Property Accounting System
AMHA    Army Management Headquarters Activities
AMT    Army Modernization Training
AOA    Airborne Optical Adjunct
AOE    Army of Excellence
APG    Aberdeen Proving Ground
APRT    Advanced Physical Readiness Test
ARJS    Airborne Radar Jamming System
ARNG    Army National Guard
ARPERCEN    Army Reserve Personnel Center
ARTBASS    Army training battle simulation system
ARTEP    Army Training and Evaluation Program
ASAS    All Source Analysis System
ASF    Army Stock Fund


ASLs    Authorized Stockage Lists
ATM    AntiTactical Missile
AUSA    Association of the United States Army
AWIS    Army Worldwide Military Command and Control System Information System
ASARC    Army Systems Acquisition Review Council
ASD (MRA&L)    Assistant Secretary of Defense (Manpower, Reserve Affairs, and Logistics)
BAI    Battlefield Air Interdiction
BAST    Board on Army Science and Technology
BCE    Battlefield Coordination Element
BCS    Battery Computer System
BDO    Battle dress overgarment
BFTA    Bulk Fuel Tank Assembly
BFVS    Bradley fighting vehicle system
BMAR    Backlog of Maintenance and Repair program
BMDATC    Ballistic Missile Defense Advanced Technology Center
BMDO    Ballistic Missile Defense Organization
BMDPO    Ballistic Missile Defense Program Office
BMDSCOM    Ballistic Missile Defense Systems Command
BMO    Ballistic Missile Office
BOIP    Basis of Issue Plans
C3    Command, Control, and Communications Systems
C3/BM    Command, Control, and Communications/Battle Management
CAA    Conference of American Armies
CAF    Combined aviation force
CALFES    Combined arms live-fire exercise
CAMIS    Continental Army Management Information System
CAS    Close air support
CAS3    Combined Arms and Services Staff School
CDIP    Combined Defense Improvements Projects
CECAP    Corps of Engineers Correction Action Program
CERL    Construction Engineering Research Laboratory
CFC    Combined Forces Command
C-FLEX    Cobra Fleet Life Extension program
CFVs    Cavalry fighting vehicles
CHAMPUS    Civilian Health and Medical Program of the Uniformed Services


CICH    Interallied Central Identification Laboratory, Hawaii
CIOR    Confederation of Reserve Officers
CJTF    Combined Joint Task Force
CMAOC    Casualty and Memorial Affairs Operations Center
CMMS    Congressionally Mandated Mobility Study
COE    Corps of Engineers
COHORT    Cohesion, Operational Readiness and Training
CONUS    Continental United States
CPF    Caribbean Peacekeeping Force
CPMC    Capital Purchases and Minor Construction
CPX    Command post exercise
CRAF    Civil Reserve Air Fleet
CRREL    Cold Regions Research and Engineering Laboratory
CTSWG    Consolidated Training Support Work Group
CW/CBD    Chemical Warfare/Chemical Biological Defense
CSS    Combat Service Support
CENTAG    Central (European) Army Group
DA    Department of the Army
DAHSUM    Department of the Army Historical Summary
DAMMS    Department of the Army Movements Management System
DAMMS-R    Department of the Army Movements Management System-Redesigned
DARCOM    Army Material Development and Readiness Command, U.S.
DAS3    Decentralized Automated Service Support System
DASE ROTC CO-OP    Department of the Army Scientific and Engineering Reserve Officers' Training Corps Cooperative Program
DASPS    Department of the Army Standard
DASP-E    Department of the Army Standard Port System-Enhanced
DATP    Detroit Army Tank Plant
DCII    Distributed Command, Control, Communications, and Intelligence
DCSRDA    Deputy Chief of Staff for Research, Development and Acquisition
DAMPL    Department of the Army Master Priority List
DEA    Drug Enforcement Administration
DEERS    Defense Enrollment Eligibility Reporting System


DEPMEDS    Deployable Medical Systems
DID    Defense-in-Depth concept
DIVAD    Division Air Defense
DLA    Defense Logistics Agency
DMZ    Demilitarized Zone
DNA    Defense Nuclear Agency
DOD    Department of Defense
DOMS    Director of Military Support
DSCS    Defense Satellite Communications System
DCSPER    Deputy Chief of Staff for Personnel
DCSLOG    Deputy Chief of Staff for Logistics
DEW    Distant Early Warning
DT    Development Test
DSARC    Defense Systems Acquisition Review Council
DS4    Direct Support Unit Standard Supply System
EAC    Echelons Above Corps
EAD    Echelons Above Division
ECCM    Electronic Counter Counter-Measure
EDM    Engineering Development Model
ENNK    Endoatmospheric Nonnuclear Kill program
EPA    Environmental Protection Agency
ERIS    Exoatmospheric Reentry-vehicle Interceptor Subsystem
ESG    Environment Support Group
ETL    Engineer Topographic Laboratory
ETS    Expiration of Term of Service
FAA    Functional Area Assessment
FACs    Forward Air Controllers
FANS    Friendly/Allied Nation Support
FAO    Foreign Area Officer
FAV    Fast attack vehicle
FC    Field Circular
FCXs    Fire coordination exercise
FEMA    Federal Emergency Management Agency
FIST    Fire Integration Support Team
FISTV    Fire Integration Support Team Vehicles
FLIR    Forward Looking Infrared
FM    Field Manual
FMC    Fully Mission Capable
FMMP    Force Modernization Master Plan


FMPS FLIR    Mission Payload System or Forward Looking Infrared Mission Payload System
FMS    Foreign Military Sales
FOA    Field operating agency
FOIA    Freedom of Information Act
FORSCOM    Forces Command, U.S. Army
FRG    Federal Republic of Germany
FSS/FST    Fire Support System/Fire Support Terminal
FTX    Field training exercise
FTCA    Federal Tort Claims Act
FY    Fiscal year
GEMSS    Ground Emplaced Mine Scattering System
GLOM    Ground-launched cruise missile
GPO    Government Printing Office
G/VLLD    Ground/Vehicular Laser Locator Designators
HEDI    High Exoatmospheric Defense Interceptor
HEDS    High Endoatmospheric Defense System
HEMTT    Heavy Expanded Mobility Tactical Truck
HLPS    Heavy Lift Pre-positioning Ship
HOE    Homing Overlay Experiment
HMMWV    High Mobility Multipurpose Wheeled Vehicle
HNS    Host nation support
HQ,DA    Headquarters, Department of the Army
HQ USEUCOM    Headquarters, United States European Command
IAP    Issue Assessment Process
ICBM    Intercontinental Ballistic Missile
IFF    Identification Friend or Foe
IFVs    Infantry Fighting Vehicles
IG    Inspector General
IHFR    Improved High Frequency Radio
IMA    Individual Mobilization Augmentee
IMET    International Military Education and Training Program
INF    Intermediate Nuclear Force
IPDS    Inland Petroleum Distribution System
IPM1    Improved M1
IPR    In-Process Review
ISB    Installation Support Book
ITV    Improved TOW Vehicle
JCS    Joint Chiefs of Staff


JECS    Joint Exercise Control System
JEDS    Jet exhaust decon system
JFDP    Joint Force Development Process
JLSP    Joint Logistical Support Plan
JOINT STARS    Joint Surveillance and Target Attack Radar System
JSTARS    Joint Surveillance and Target Attack Radar System
JSA    Joint Service Agreement
J-SEAD    Joint Suppression of Enemy Air Defenses
JTACMS    Joint Tactical Missile System
JTF    Joint Task Force
JTFP    Joint Tactical Fusion Program
JTLS    Joint theater-level simulation
KMR    Kwajalein Missile Range
LACV    Lighter, Air Cushioned Vehicle
LATP    Lima Army Tank Plant
LCC    Logistical Coordination Cell
LCX    Logistics coordination exercise
LDS    Lightweight decontamination system
LHX    Light helicopter program
LOC    Lines of Communications
LOGAMP    Logistics and Acquisition Management Program
LOTS    Logistics Over the Shore
LRI    Logistics Readiness Rating Report
LSV    Logistics Support Vehicle
MACOMs    Major commands
MAPS    Modular Azimuth and Positioning System
MARKS    Modern Army Recordkeeping System
MAU    Marine Amphibious Unit
MCX    Movement coordination exercise
MEDSOM    Medical supply, optical and maintenance
MELIOS    Mini-Eyesafe Laser Infrared Observation Set
MENS    Mission Elements Need Statement
MFO    Multinational Force and Observers
MICAF    Measuring Improved Capability of Army Forces
MICOM    Missile Command
MILES    Multiple integrated laser engagement system
MILPERCEN    Military Personnel Center
MLRS    Multiple launch rocket system


MOS    Military occupational specialty
MPI    Master Priority Integration
MPL    Mandatory parts list MS-3
MSC    Major subordinate commands
MSE    Mobile Subscriber Equipment
MTMC    Military Traffic Management Command
MTM/D    Million-ton-miles-per day
MTOE    Modified Table of Organization and Equipment
MWR    Morale, Welfare, and Recreation
NAF    Nonapproriated Funds
NAFI    Nonapproriated Funds Instrumental
NAIRA    Nuclear accident and incident response and assistance program
NATO    North Atlantic Treaty Organization
NBC    Nuclear, biological, and Chemical
NET    New Equipment Training
NJM    New Jewel Movement
NMS    New Manning System
NNBIS    National Narcotics border Interdiction System
NSNFS3    Nonstratic Nuclear Forces Safety, Security, and Survivability
NTC    National Training Center
NTV    Nontactical vehicle
NDI    Nondevelopmental item
NTPF    Near-Term Prepositioning Force
NCO    Noncommissioned officer
NORTHAG    North (European) Army Group
OACSIM    Office of the Assistance Chief of Staff for Information Management
DAMP    Optical Aircraft Measurements Program
OCE    Office of the Chief of Engineers
OCONUS    Outside Continental United States
ODCSLOG    Office of the Deputy Chief of Staff for Logistics
ODCSOPS    Office of the Deputy Chief of Staff for Operations and Plans
OECS    Organization of Eastern Caribbean States
OMB    Office of Management and Budget
OPDS    Offshore Petroleum Discharge System
OPF    Official personnel folder
OPM    Office of Personnel Management
OPMD    Officer Personnel Management Directorate


OSD    Office of the Secretary of Defense
OSD    PIF Office of the Secretary of Defense Productivity Investment Funding
OSUT    One-Station Unit Training program
OTSG    Office of The Surgeon General
O&M    Operations and maintenance
OPLAN    Operational Plan
OT    Operational Test
OPA    Other Procurement Army
OMA    Operations and Maintenance, Army
OTRA    Officers Other than Regular Army
PACOM    Pacific Command
PAD    POMCUS Authorization Document
PAD    Point air defense
PADS    Position and Azimuth Determining System
PCMT    Platoon combat mission trainer
PDSK    Petroleum Distribution System Korea
PECIP    Productivity Enhancing Capital Investment Program
PLLs    Prescribed load lists
PLRS    Position Location Reporting System
PLSS    Precision Location Strike System
POI    Program of instruction
POIQT    Performance-Oriented Infantry Qualification Test
POM    Program Objective Memorandum
POMCUS    Pre-positioned material configured to unit sets
POST    Passive Optical Seeker Technique
PNVS    Pilot Night Vision Sensors
PRAF    People's Revolutionary Armed Forces
PRP    Personnel reliability program
PWAAS    Passive Wide Area Alerting System
PAM    Pamphlet
POL    Petroleum, Oils, and Lubricants Project Manager
QRIP    Quick Return on Investment Program
QRMC    Quadrennial Review of Military Compensation
Q&A    Question and Answer
RAM-D    Reliability, availability, maintainability, and durability
RAOC    Rear Area Operations Center
RCPAC    Reserve Components Personnel and Administration Center


RCRPL    Reserve Component Personnel and Administration Center
RDA    Research, development, and acquisition
RDF    Rapid Deployment Force
RDJTF    Rapid Deployment Joint Task Force
REDFRAM    Redistribution From Army Materiel
REMBASS    Remotely Monitored Battlefield Sensor System
RETO    Review of Education and Training for Officers
RMP    Reprogrammable Microprocessor
ROK    Republic of Korea
ROPMA    Reserve Officers Personnel Management Act
ROTC    Reserve Officers' Training Corps
RPMA    Real Property Maintenance Activities
RPV    Remotely piloted vehicle
RDTE    Research, Development, Test, and Evaluation
SACEUR    Supreme Allied Commander, Europe
SACS    Structure and Composition System
SAM    Surface-to-air missile
SAR    Search and Rescue
SARSS    Standard Army Retail Supply System
SCAT    Scout/attack configuration
SCOTT    Single Channel Objective Tactical Terminal
SDAF    Special Defense Acquisition Fund
SDD    Systems Development Directorate
SDI    Strategic Defense Initiative
SDIO    Strategic Defense Initiative Organization
BEAD    Suppression of Enemy Air Defenses
SEMA    Special electronic mission aircraft
SETAF    Southern European Task Force, U.S. Army
SFG    Special Forces Group
SHMA    Segmented Housing Market Analysis
SHORAD    C2 Short Range Air Defense Command and Control System
SIDPERS    Standard Installation/Division Personnel Support Systems
SINCGARS    Single Channel Ground and Airborne Radio System
SLAC    Support list allowance card
SMART    Supply and Maintenance Assessment and Review Team
SOCOM    Special Operations Command


SOCSE    Special Operations Communications Support Elements
SOCS    State Officer Candidate School
SOF    Special Operations Forces
SOUTHCOM    Southern Command, U.S. Army
SPD    Systems Projects Directorate
SPRINT    Spare Parts Review Initiatives
STARC    State Area Command
STRAC    Standards in Training Commission
SRHIT    Small Radar Homing Intercept Technology program
STX    Situational training exercise
TAADS    The Army Authorization Documents System
TAC    Tactical Air Command
TACFIRE    Tactical Fire Direction System
TACP    Tactical Air Control Party
TACSATCOM    Tactical Satellite Communications
TASS    Tactical Air Support Squadron
TADS    Target Acquisition Designation Sights
TAEDP    Total Army Equipment Distribution Program
TAFFS    The Army Functional File System
TAGO    The Adjutant General's Office
TC ACCIS    Transportation Coordinator Automated Command and Control Information System
TDA    Table of Distribution and Allowances
TIR    Terminal Imaging Radar
TLC    Tactical Leadership Course
TOE    Table of Organization and Equipment
TRACE    Total risk assessing cost estimates
TRADOC    Training and Doctrine Command, U.S. Army
TRIMIS    Tri-Service Medical Information System
TRI-TAC    Joint Tactical Communication program
TTS    Tank Thermal Sight
UCMJ    Uniform Code of Military Justice
UCOFT    Unit conduct-of-fire trainer
ULL    Unit level logistics system
USAAA    U.S. Army Audit Agency
USAAVNC    United States Army Aviation Center
USACA    U.S. Army Correctional Activity
USACGSC    U.S. Army Command and General Staff College
USAFRED    U.S. Air Force Forces, Readiness Command


USAISC    U.S. Army Information Systems Command
USARCENT    United States Army Forces CENTCOM
USAREUR    United States Army, Europe
USCENTCOM    United States Central Command
USDA    United States Department of Agriculture
USDB    United States Disciplinary Barracks
USDRE    Under Secretary of Defense for Research and Engineering
USPS    United States Postal Service
USSOUTHCOM    United States Southern Command
USREDCOM    United Stares Readiness Command
VA    Veterans Administration
VE    Value Engineering
VECP    Value Engineering Change Proposals
VIABLE    Vertical Installation Automation Baseline Project
VIGS    Videodisc gunnery simulator
VISTA    Very Intelligent Surveillance and Target Acquisition
VCSA    Vice Chief of Staff, Army
WES    Waterways Experiment Station
WESTCOM    Western Command, U.S. Army
WHNS    Wartime Host Nation Support
WRAP    War Reserve Automated Process
WWMCCS    Worldwide Military Command and Control System



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