Department of the Army Historical Summary: FY 1985


ADEA    Army Development and Employment Agency
AFATDS    Advanced Field Artillery Tactical Data System
AFQT    Armed Forces Qualification Test
AHIP    Army Helicopter Improvement Program
AHUAS TARA II    The 1985 version of the U.S.-Honduran exercise conducted in 1983 and 1984 which included an anti-armor field training phase, bringing tanks into the maneuvers for the first time.
AMC    Army Materiel Command
AMEDD    Army Medical Department
ARNG    Army National Guard
ARTBASS    Army Training Battle Simulation System
ASA/CW    Assistant Secretary of the Army for Civil Works
ASI    Additional skill identifier
ASL    Authorized Stockage Lists
AWCCSC    Army War College Corresponding Studies Course
Basops    Base Operating Information System
BCS    Battery Computer System
BFVS    Bradley Fighting Vehicle Systems
BORDER STAR 85    A joint readiness exercise to train, test, and evaluate commanders, staffs, and forces in joint operations.
BRTG    Blue Ribbon Task Group
C3    Command, control, and communications
CA    Civil Affairs


CAPSTONE    A program aligning reserve component units scheduled for Europe with their wartime chain of command.
CBD    Chemical-biological defense
CDB    Corporate Data Base
CENTCOM    Central Command
CERTAIN SAGE    An exercise testing mobilization procedures at the installation level.
C-FLEX    Cobra Fleet Life Extension Program
C2I    Command, control, and intelligence
COE    Chief of Engineers
COHORT    Cohesion, operational readiness, and training
CONUS    Continental United States
CPX    Command post exercise
C&GSC    Command and General Staff College
CSS    Combat service support
CUCV    Commercial utility cargo vehicle
DC31    Distributed command, control, communications, and intelligence
DIVAD    Division Air Defense
DLA    Defense Logistics Agency
DOD    Department of Defense
DOE    Department of Energy
DRB    Defense Resources Board
DSCS    Defense Satellite Communications Systems
DSN    Defense Switched Network
EIDS    Electronic Information Delivery System
EUSA    Eighth U.S. Army
FAADS    Forward Area Air Defense System
FAP I    Force Alignment Plan I
FISTV    Fire support team vehicle
FLIR    Forward-looking infrared
FAASV    Field artillery ammunition support vehicle
FOFA    Follow-on forces attack
FOG-M    Fiber Optic Guided Missile
FORSCOM    U.S. Army Forces Command
FRG    Federal Republic of Germany
FSS    Fast sealift ships


G/VLLD    Ground/Vehicle Laser Locator Designator
GWEN    Ground Wave Emergency Network
HEMTT    Heavy expanded mobility tactical truck
HMMWV    High mobility multipurpose wheeled vehicle
HQDA    Headquarters, Department of the Army
ILS    Integrated Logistics Support
IMA    Individual Mobilization Augmentation
INSCOM    Intelligence and Security Command
IRR    Individual ready reserve
ISTAR    Information Science and Technology Assessment for Research
ITEP    Individual Training and Evaluation Program
JCS    Joint Chiefs of Staff
LCA    Local Cooperation Agreement
LOS-F-H    Line of Sight-Forward-Heavy
LOS-R    Line of Sight-Rear
LOTS    Logistics-over-the-shore
LUPS    Logistics Unit Productivity System
MAC    Military Airlift Command
MACOM    Major Army Command
MEL    Military Education Levels
MILES    Multiple Integrated Laser System
MLC    Military Liaison Committee
MLRS    Multiple launch rocket system
MOA    Memorandum of agreement
MOBERS    Mobilization Equipment Redistribution System
MOS    Military Occupational Specialty
MOUT    Military operations on urbanized terrain
MTDA    Modification Table of Distribution and Allowance
MTOE    Modification Table of Organization and Equipment
NATO    North Atlantic Treaty Organization


NBC    Nuclear, biological, and chemical
NCO    Noncommissioned officer.
NCOES    Noncommissioned Officer Education System
NDI    Nondevelopmental items
NLOS    Nonline of Sight
NORTHAG    Northern Army Group
NWC    Nuclear Weapons Council
OCS    Officer Candidate School
ODCSLOG    Office of the Deputy Chief of Staff for Logistics
ODCSOPS    Office of the Deputy Chief of Staff for Operations and Plans
OJCS    Office of the Joint Chiefs of Staff
OMB    Office of Management and Budget
OPMS    Officer Personnel Management System
OSD    Office of the Secretary of Defense
OSUT    One station unit training
P3I    Preplanned product improvements
PDOS    Professional Development of Officers Study
PL    Public Law
PLL    Prescribed Load List
POL    Petroleum, oils, and lubricants
POMCUS    Pre-positioning of materiel configured to unit sets
POWDER RIVER 85    A mobilization and deployment exercise.
PPBES    Planning, Programming, Budgeting, and Execution System
PPBS    Planning, Programming, and Budgeting System
PRC    People's Republic of China
PSYOPS    Psychological Operations
REFORGER    An exercise conducted in western Europe to test the readiness of reserve component units in reinforcing active components already engaged in a European conflict. It involved the deployment and redeployment of U.S. units in Europe.


RETO    Review of Education and Training for Officers
ROK    Republic of Korea
ROTC    Reserve Officers' Training Corps
RPV    Remotely piloted vehicle
RSI    Rationalization, Standardization, and Interoperability
RSTA    Reconnaissance, surveillance, and target acquisition
SCAT    Scout/attack
SCEP    Staff College Enhancement Program
SCM    Self-contained munitions
SHORAD    Short-range air defense
SIO    Standard installation organization
SOCAD    Service Members Opportunity Colleges Associate Degree
SOF    Special Operations Forces
SQT    Skill Qualification Test
SSC    Senior Service College
STAIRS    Stable Annual Investment for Required Systems
SUPE    Soldier and Unit Performance Enhancement
TACS    Tactical Area Communications System
TAGCEN    The Adjutant General Center
TDA    Tables of distribution and allowances
TEAM SPIRIT 85    An exercise conducted in Korea.
TOE    Table of organization and equipment
TOW    Tube-launched, optically-tracked, wire guided
TRADOC    Training and Doctrine Command
UCOFT    Unit conduct of fire trainer
UNIVERSAL TREK 85    A joint U.S./Honduran amphibious exercise.
USACE U.S.    Army Corps of Engineers
USAR U.S.    Army Reserve
USAREUR U.S.    Army, Europe
USARSO U.S.    Army, South
USASDC U.S.    Army Strategic Defense Command
USOUTHCOM    U.S. Southern Command
USREDCOM    U.S. Readiness Command


VISTA    Very intelligent surveillance and target acquisition
WADS    Weapons Access Delay System
WES    Waterways Experiment Station
WINTER / CIMEX 85    A biennial NATO exercise with U.S. participation.
WWMCCS    Worldwide Military Command and Control System



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