Department of the Army Historical Summary: FY 1986


AAWS-M    Advanced Anti-Tank Weapon System-Medium
AFIP    Armed Forces Institute of Pathology
AHIP    Army Helicopter Improvement Program
AHUAS TARA 86    A command post exercise conducted by the U.S. Southern Command in Honduras.
AIDS    Acquired immunodeficiency syndrome
BLAST FURNACE     A cocaine interdiction operation in Bolivia.
CABANAS 86    A field training exercise conducted by the U.S. Southern Command in Honduras.
CAC    Casualty Area Command
CAMIS    Continental Army Management Information System
CAO    Casualty Assistance Officer
CASB    Canadian Air Safety Board
CERTAIN SAGE    An exercise testing mobilization procedures at the installation level.
CG    Commanding General
CMAOC    Casualty and Memorial Affairs Operations Center
COHORT    Cohesion, operational readiness, and training
CONUS    Continental United States
DIVAD    Division Air Defense
EOD    Explosive ordnance disposal
EPA    Environmental Protection Agency
FRG    Federal Republic of Germany


FSAO    Family Service and Assistance Officer
GALLANT EAGLE    A training exercise in a desert setting which provided a simulated combat environment for training, planning, and execution of joint military operations.
HAT TRICK II    A narcotic interdiction operation in the Caribbean.
HMMWV    High mobility multipurpose wheeled vehicle
HQDA    Headquarters, Department of the Army
IRR    Individual Ready Reserve
JCS    Joint Chiefs of Staff
JINTACCS    Joint Interoperability of Command and Control Systems
LASH    Lighter aboard ship
MAC    Military Airlift Command
MACOM    Major Army Command
MFO    Multinational Force and Observers
MILPERCEN    Military Personnel Center
MLRS    Multiple launch rocket system
MOS    Military Occupational Specialty
MOUT    Military Operations on Urbanized Terrain
NATO    North Atlantic Treaty Organization
NCO    Noncommissioned officer
NORTHAG    Northern Army Group
NTSB    National Transportation Safety Board
OACSI    Office of the Assistant Chief of Staff for Intelligence
OCCH    Office of the Chief of Chaplains
OCEAN VENTURE 86    A joint/combined, JCS-directed exercise in the Caribbean.


OCPA    Office of the Chief of Public Affairs
ODCSLOG    Office of the Deputy Chief of Staff for Logistics
ODCSOPS    Office of the Deputy Chief of Staff for Operations and Plans
ODCSPER    Office of the Deputy Chief of staff for Personnel
PNOK    Primary next of kin
POMCUS    Pre-positioning of materiel configured to unit sets
PORT CALL 86    A command post exercise testing crisis management procedures.
PRESENT ARMS 86    A command post exercise evaluating selected Worldwide Military Command and Control System procedures and components.
PRIMUS    Primary Medical Care for the Uniformed Services
RCMP    Royal Canadian Mounted Police
REFORGER    An exercise conducted in Western Europe to test the readiness of reserve component units in reinforcing active components already engaged in a European conflict.
RMTS    Regional Maintenance Training Site
ROTC    Reserve Officers' Training Corps
RTS-Medical    Regional Training Site-Medical
SAO    Survival Assistance Officer
SDI    Strategic Defense Initiative
SINCGARS    Single Channel Ground and Airborne Radio System
STAMMIS    Standard Army Multi-Command Management Information System
STARNET    A telecommunications network providing worldwide telecommunications for the Army.
TACCS    Tactical Army Combat Service Support Computer System


TEAM SPIRIT    A joint-combined training exercise conducted by the Republic of Korea and the United States, designed to improve defensive posture through the reception, staging, employment, and redeployment of out-of-country U.S. augmentation forces.
TOW    Tube-launched, optically-tracked, wire-guided
TRADOC    Training and Doctrine Command
USASA    United States Army Space Agency
USASDC    United States Army Strategic Defense Command
USSPACECOM    United States Space Command


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