Thoburn's Position

Cross Cedar Creek and go up the hill on CR 635 for .9 mile, where at the crest of a hill, the road makes a 90 degree turn right (east). For the next .3 mile, CR 635 traces the positions of Colonel Joseph Thoburn's First Division, VIII Corps. There is room to park at the side of the road at the 90 degree turn or shortly thereafter in a gate entrance on the left.

Colonel Thomas Wildes, sensing that something was amiss in the heavy fog, tried to stir up Thoburn's Division. Wildes had his own First Brigade under arms at the time of Kershaw's assault. It was the unit responsible for the "galling fire" mentioned by Captain Augustus Dickert (Stop 2). Wildes' unit soon was forced out of its position when the flight of the Second Brigade caused his 34th Massachusetts Infantry Regiment to lose its organization. Wildes' other two regiments, the 116th and 123d Ohio Infantry, retained their cohesion and fought their way back to the XIX Corps positions along the Pike (US 11) where they were in for further hard fighting.

To Stop 3: From the 90 degree turn, return .7 mile on CR 635 to the junction with CR 611, and turn left onto 611. Go 1.1 miles to a line of boulders on the right-hand side of the road. Park by the boulders.

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