Meadow Brook

From the Belle Grove parking lot, make a right turn onto CR 727. Go .2 mile to the Meadow Mills Church, on the left at the intersection with CR 624. Park at the church and walk to the railroad tracks at the end of 727.

The left flank of Keifer's Division occupied the high ground to the rear of the white farmhouse. As you face the farmhouse, 300 yards to your left is where Colonel William Ball's Brigade crossed Meadow Brook at about 0550 to go up to the XIX Corps positions to help. It was forced back more by the tide of the XIX Corps refugees than the Confederate action. The fighting on the hillside position raged until about 0730. Keifer was joined on his right by reformed XIX Corps units. At one time, Keifer's Division counterattacked Kershaw's Division, forcing it back across Meadow Brook. However, Kershaw continued to press against Keifer's right, or north, flank and that, combined with developments on Keifer's left (east) flank farther up CR 624, forced the Third Division to withdraw.

Later in the day, about 1730, Custer's cavalry division came over the crest above the white farmhouse and paused to reorganize. Then it poured down route 624 to Hottle's Ford on Cedar Creek and on to Stickley Hill and the devastating charge against the retreating Confederates on the Pike.

Map, Cedar Creek Battlefield,  Meadow Brook
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