Middletown Cemetery

Continue on CR 624 to the junction with CR 625 (.4 mile from trailer house). Turn left (west), and follow it nearly .5 mile to the intersection with CR 635. Turn right (east) onto 635 and drive .2 mile to the cemetery; make a left (north) turn and continue on 635 around the cemetery until you reach the main gate (3 red brick posts).

You have driven through and behind the positions of Getty's Division. You are stopped at what was the left flank of Bidwell's Brigade's lines where they linked with Moore's Cavalry Brigade. Moore had ridden from Buckton ford when he heard the battle. His men fought dismounted in a line running north from the cemetery along CR 635.

At the time of the battle, Bidwell's Brigade was mostly in the woods, the Vermonters were in the open, and Warner's unit was in partly open terrain. The first attack was launched by Pegram's Division into the area around the green shingled house, about where Warner and the Vermonters joined. The Federal troops lay down on the reverse slope of their position, then rose up and volleyed when the Confederates were within 30 yards, repulsing the attackers. Grimes' Brigade of Ramseur's Division next tried an assault on the other side of the Vermont Brigade where it linked with Bidwell's at the southeast corner of the present cemetery. The Federals repeated their performance, actually charging and forcing the Confederates back to the bottom of the hill. Confederate artillery played on the Federal positions for about half an hour. Then Wharton's Division attacked Warner west of the green shingled house and route 625. This attack similarly was repulsed. By this time about 20 Confederate guns were drawn up on the Pike in the vicinity of the large brown factory building and yellow building which you can see from the cemetery gate. Wofford's Brigade of Kershaw's Division tried to attack Bidwell's Brigade in the area where you are, but was repulsed. General Bidwell was mortally wounded by artillery during this attack. Confederate artillery pounded the position for about half an hour. When General Grant saw a fifth attack building on Warner's right (western) flank at about 1000, he directed a withdrawal northward.

The division pulled northward along CR 625 and 635. It got to the high ground just north of CR 627 and rested for about 30 minutes before moving farther north. The Confederates occupied the vacated Federal position and rested as well.

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