Sheridan's Position

Continue on CR 633 for .5 mile beyond the abandoned farm buildings (1.2 miles beyond the CR 625 intersection) and pull off on the right in the fringe area just beyond the lane with the brick gateposts, opposite the large barn.

You are in a position close to where General Sheridan established a temporary command post after his ride from Winchester. Looking to your right (south), the Second Division, VI Corps established a line perpendicular to the Pike (US 11) just beyond the yellow apartment buildings. Remnants of the VIII Corps gathered under Rutherford B. Hayes in the hollow to the left (north) of the yellow buildings. It was here that a cluster of VIII Corps flags rose to salute Sheridan, an incident he mentions in his memoirs. Sheridan conferred with the corps and division commanders where you are now, then later rode forward of the main line to show himself to the troops. Once his plans were determined, a lull ensued until about 1600. Thus, between 1300 and 1600, you would have seen along this line the Union veterans relaxing as best they could, brewing coffee and reading, waiting for orders.

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