Battle of Cedar Creek


Oct 18
1400 Early gives orders to commanders
2000 Gordon's, Pegram's and Ramseur's Divisions begin march to Shenandoah fords
Oct 19
0100 Gordon's Corps resumes march after closing up where RR crosses Shenandoah; Kershaw and Wharton begin approach, artillery follows
0330 All arrive at fords
0400 Cavalry skirmish at Cupp's Ford on western flank
0430 Kershaw crosses Cedar Creek; Gordon's Corps crosses Shenandoah, some firing
0500 Kershaw attacks; Wharton moves to Cedar Creek bridge, attacks pickets when he hears Kershaw
0515 Confederate artillery goes into battery at Hupp's Hill
0520 Gordon attacks VIII Corps flank; XIX Corps troops get into trenches
0535  VIII Corps  shattered; XIX Corps discovers enemy on its flank
0540 Wharton crosses Cedar Creek bridge
0600 Early joins Gordon
0630 XIX Corps, with VIII Corps elements, establishes line west and parallel to Pike
0730 3d Div., VI Corps and XIX Corps elements hold line on Red Hill, west of Meadow Brook; 1st Div., VI Corps resists along Hite Road; 2d Div., VI Corps resists on ridge southwest of Middletown; Merritt's Cavalry Div. deploys north of Red Hill; Custer's Cavalry Div. moves to east flank on north edge of Middletown
0800 1st & 3d Divs., VI Corps retire to positions just south of Back Road to Winchester; 2d Div., VI Corps defends at town cemetery; XIX Corps units rally along Old Forge Road (CR 635) west of VI Corps elements, then move farther north
0900 2d Div., VI Corps  retires to Old Forge Road adjacent to Meadow Brook
0930 2d Div., VI Corps continues rearward
1000 Merritt's Cavalry Div. moves east of Pike and extends battle line east; Federal retreat ended; Confederate units halt along Old Forge Road, reorganize
1030 Sheridan arrives
1100 Ramseur's, Kershaw's and Gordon's Divs. move forward to Miller's Mill Road
1230 Federal battle line fully reestablished by Sheridan
1300 Confederate probes launched on VI and XIX Corps positions
1500 Merritt begins advance
1530 Confederate skirmish line driven in
1600 General Federal attack
1700 Pursuit of Early's forces
2000 1st Div., XIX Corps occupies Hupp's Hill
20 Early retires to New Market
26 Federal cavalry repulsed at Milford

10 Early moves to Woodstock
11 Skirmish at Middletown
12 Cavalry skirmish at Cedarville, Confederate defeat
13 Early withdraws to New Market; first snowy day
22 Skirmish at Rude's Hill, Federals repulsed

6 VI Corps sent to Army of the Potomac
6-16 Early's reduced forces go into winter camps vicinity Staunton and Waynesboro; Gordon's Corps recalled to Richmond



6 1st Div., XIX Corps sent to Savannah, Ga.

27 Sheridan heads south from Winchester

2 Remnants of Early's force annihilated at Waynesboro by Custer