Many people helped to produce the original brochure from which this updated reprint was taken: Louise Arnold of the Military History Institute, Helen Wadsworth of Book Binders, Sharon Dougherty (who did the typing), and Leo Bernstein of the Wayside Museum. The reprinted brochure was taken through production by Arthur S. Hardyman and Rae T. Panella. Linda M. Cajka designed the reprint. My thanks to one and all.

J. W. A. Whitehorne


Joseph W. A. Whitehorne is a retired U.S. Army officer currently teaching at Lord Fairfax Community College. The first book of his multi-volume history of the I.G. Corps was published in August 1987. The author of numerous military history articles, he has lectured at the Smithsonian Institution, the University of Maryland, and Montana State University. His most recent military duties involved the Civil War history of the Shenandoah Valley-

Illustrations in this brochure are courtesy of Battles and Leaders of the Civil War; Harper's Weekly (Frank and Marie-T. Wood print collection); Alfred A. Waud (Library of Congress); James E. Taylor (Western Reserve Historical Society); New York Historical Society; U.S. Army Military History Institute; History of the Eighth Regiment, Vermont Volunteers; Kate Schultz (Belle Grove Plantation); and Ken Ritter (The Valley Pike 1985). The cover detail is from a painting by Julian Scott, Vermont State Archives. This brochure is reprinted from a brochure, copyrighted by J. W. A. Whitehorne.