Order of Battle


Union Army: Army of the Shenandoah—Maj. Gen. Philip H. Sheridan/Maj. Gen.

Horatio G. Wright

VI (6th) Army Corps—Brig. Gen. James B. Ricketts
1st Division—Brig. Gen. Frank Wheaton
1st Brigade—Col. William H. Penrose
4th New Jersey Infantry
10th New Jersey Infantry
15th New Jersey Infantry
2d Brigade—Col. Ranald S. MacKenzie
2d Connecticut Heavy Artillery
65th New York Infantry
121st New York Infantry
95th Pennsylvania Infantry
96th Pennsylvania Infantry
3d Brigade—not engaged
2d Division—Brig. Gen. George W. Getty
1st Brigade—Col. James M. Warner
62d New York Infantry
93d Pennsylvania Infantry
98th Pennsylvania Infantry
102d Pennsylvania Infantry
139th Pennsylvania Infantry
2d Brigade—Brig. Gen. Lewis A. Grant
2d Vermont Infantry
3d Vermont Infantry
4th Vermont Infantry
6th Vermont Infantry
11th Vermont Heavy Artillery
3d Brigade—Brig. Gen. Daniel D. Bidwell
1st Maine Infantry
43d New York Infantry
49th New York Infantry
77th New York Infantry
122d New York Infantry
61st Pennsylvania Infantry
3d Division—Col. J. Warren Keifer
1st Brigade—Col. William Emerson
14th New Jersey Infantry
106th New York Infantry
151st New York Infantry
184th New York Infantry
87th Pennsylvania Infantry
10th Vermont Infantry
2d Brigade-Col. William H. Ball
6th Maryland Infantry
9th New York Heavy Artillery
110th Ohio Infantry
122d Ohio Infantry
126th Ohio Infantry
67th Pennsylvania Infantry
138th Pennsylvania Infantry
Artillery Brigade, VI Corps—Col. Charles Thompkins
5th Maine Artillery
1st New York Artillery
Batteries C & G, 1st Rhode Island Artillery
Battery M, 5th U.S. Artillery

VIII (8th) Army Corps (Army of West Virginia)—Brig. Gen. George Crook
1st Division—Col. Joseph Thoburn
1st Brigade—Lt. Col. Thomas F. Wildes
34th Massachusetts Infantry
5th New York Heavy Artillery
116th Ohio Infantry
123d Ohio Infantry
2d Brigade—not engaged
3d Brigade—Col. Thomas M. Harris
23d Illinois Infantry
54th Pennsylvania Infantry
10th West Virginia Infantry
11th West Virginia Infantry
15th West Virginia Infantry
2d Division—Col. Rutherford B. Hayes
1st Brigade—Col. Hiram F. Duval
23d Ohio Infantry
36th Ohio Infantry
5th West Virginia Infantry
13th West Virginia Infantry
2d Brigade—Lt. Col. Benjamin F. Coates
34th Ohio Infantry
91st Ohio Infantry
9th West Virginia Infantry
114th West Virginia Infantry
Artillery Brigade, VIII Corps—Capt. Henry A. DuPont
Battery L, 1st Ohio Artillery
Battery D, 1st Pennsylvania Artillery
Battery B, 5th U.S. Artillery
Provisional Division—Col. J. Howard Kitching
6th New York Heavy Artillery
Miscellaneous Elements

XIX (19th) Army Corps—Brig. Gen. William H. Emory
1st Division—Brig. Gen. James W. McMillan
1st Brigade—Col. Edwin P. Davis
29th Maine Infantry
30th Massachusetts Infantry
90th New York Infantry
114th New York Infantry
116th New York Infantry
153d New York Infantry
2d Brigade—Col. Stephen Thomas
12th Connecticut Infantry
160th New York Infantry
47th Pennsylvania Infantry
8th Vermont Infantry
3d Brigade—not engaged
Division Artillery
5th New York Artillery
2d Division—Brig. Gen. Cuvier Grover
1st Brigade—Brig. Gen. Henry W. Birge
9th Connecticut Infantry
12th Maine Infantry
14th Maine Infantry
26th Massachusetts Infantry
114th New Hampshire Infantry
75th New York Infantry
2d Brigade—Col. Edward L. Molineux
13th Connecticut Infantry
3d Massachusetts Cavalry (dismounted)
11th Indiana Infantry
22d Iowa Infantry
131st New York Infantry
159th New York Infantry
3d Brigade—Col. Daniel Macauley
38th Massachusetts Infantry
128th New York Infantry
156th New York Infantry
175th New York Infantry
176th New York Infantry
4th Brigade—Col. David Shunk
8th Indiana Infantry
18th Indiana Infantry
24th Iowa Infantry
28th Iowa Infantry
Division Artillery—Maj. Albert W. Bradbury
1st Battery, Maine Light Artillery
Battery D, 1st Rhode Island Light Artillery
17th Battery, Indiana Light Artillery

Cavalry Corps—Maj. Gen. Alfred T. A. Torbert
1st Division—Brig. Gen. Wesley Merritt
1st Brigade—Col. James H. Kidd
1st Michigan Cavalry
5th Michigan Cavalry
6th Michigan Cavalry
7th Michigan Cavalry
6th New York Battery
2d Brigade—Brig. Gen. Thomas C. Devin
4th New York Cavalry (Headquarters Guard)
6th New York Cavalry
9th New York Cavalry
19th New York Cavalry
Batteries K & L, 5th U.S. Artillery
Reserve Brigade—Lt. Col. Casper Crowninshield
2d Massachusetts Cavalry
6th Pennsylvania Cavalry (Army Headquarters)
1st U.S. Cavalry
2d U.S. Cavalry
5th U.S. Cavalry
Division Artillery
6th Battery, New York Light Artillery
Batteries C & E, 4th U.S. Artillery
2d Division—Col. William H. Powell
1st Brigade—Col. Alpheus S. Moore
22d Pennsylvania Cavalry
2d Brigade—Col. Henry Capehart
1st New York Cavalry
1st West Virginia Cavalry
2d West Virginia Cavalry
3d West Virginia Cavalry
Division Artillery
Battery L, 5th U.S. Artillery
3d Division—Brig. Gen. George A. Custer
1st Brigade—Col. Alexander C. M. Pennington, Jr.
1st Connecticut Cavalry
3d New Jersey Cavalry
2d New York Cavalry
5th New York Cavalry
2d Ohio Cavalry
18th Pennsylvania Cavalry
2d Brigade—Col. William Wells
3d Indiana Cavalry
1st New Hampshire Cavalry
8th New York Cavalry
22d New York Cavalry
1st Vermont Cavalry
Horse Artillery
Batteries B & L, 2d U.S. Artillery
Batteries C, F & K, 2d U.S. Artillery

Various manpower practices plus battle losses make it extremely difficult to calculate strength accurately by unit designation alone. Volunteer infantry regiments were composed of ten companies, each authorized a maximum of 101 officers and men. With staff included, a full regiment would have numbered about 1,025 officers and men. Regular U.S. Army infantry regiments were organized into three battalions of three companies each and Federal heavy artillery regiments converted to infantry had three four-company battalions. As a result, they were slightly larger than the volunteer regiments.

Four or five regiments were assigned to a brigade. Normally three, sometimes four, brigades composed a division. Two or three divisions were the normal allocations to a corps. By 1864 the average Federal brigade contained about 2,000 men while its Confederate counterpart was down to about 1,800 men. Regiments sometimes had as few as 200 men, and companies with 30 or fewer men were not uncommon.
Union Army: Infantry Artillery Guns
VI Corps
VIII Corps
XIX Corps
Cavalry Corps
(Cavalry) 7,500
Total Effectives: 31,610 men; 90 guns



Confederate Army—Lt. Gen. Jubal A. Early

Ramseur's Division—Maj. Gen. Stephen D. Ramseur
Battle's Brigade—Brig. Gen. Cullen A. Battle & Lt. Col. E. LaFayette Hobson
3d Alabama
5th Alabama
6th Alabama
12th Alabama
61st Alabama
Grimes' Brigade—Brig. Gen. Bryan Grimes
32d North Carolina
53d North Carolina
2d North Carolina Battalion
43d North Carolina
45th North Carolina
Cook's Brigade—Brig. Gen. Philip Cook
4th Georgia
12th Georgia
21st Georgia
44th Georgia
Cox's Brigade—Brig. Gen. William R. Cox
1st North Carolina
2d North Carolina
3d North Carolina
4th North Carolina
14th North Carolina
30th North Carolina

Kershaw's Division—Maj. Gen. Joseph B. Kershaw
Kershaw's Brigade—Brig. Gen. James Conner
2d South Carolina
3d South Carolina
7th South Carolina
8th South Carolina
15th South Carolina
20th South Carolina
30th South Carolina Battalion
Humphreys' Brigade—Brig. Gen. Benjamin G. Humphreys
13th Mississippi
17th Mississippi
18th Mississippi
21st Mississippi
Wofford's BrigadeCol. Henry P. Sanders
16th Georgia
18th Georgia
24th Georgia
3d Georgia Battalion
Cobb's (Georgia) Legion
Phillip's (Georgia) Legion
Bryan's Brigade—Col. James P. Simms
10th Georgia
50th Georgia
51st Georgia
53d Georgia

Pegram's (Early's) Division—Brig. Gen. John Pegram
Pegram's Brigade—Col. John S. Hoffman
13th Virginia
31st Virginia
49th Virginia
52d Virginia
58th Virginia
Johnston's Brigade—Brig. Gen. Robert D. Johnston
5th North Carolina
12th North Carolina
20th North Carolina
23d North Carolina
1st North Carolina Battalion Sharpshooters
Godwin's Brigade—Lt. Col. William T. Davis
6th North Carolina
21st North Carolina
54th North Carolina
57th North Carolina

Gordon's Division—Maj. Gen. John B. Gordon
Evan's Brigade—Col. Edmund N. Atkinson
13th Georgia
26th Georgia
31st Georgia
38th Georgia
60th Georgia
61st Georgia
12th Georgia Battalion
Hays' Brigade—Col. William Monaghan
5th Louisiana
6th Louisiana
7th Louisiana
8th Louisiana
9th Louisiana
Stafford's Brigade—Col. Eugene Waggaman
1st Louisiana
2d Louisiana
10th Louisiana
14th Louisiana
15th Louisiana
Terry's Brigade—Brig. Gen. William Terry
Remnants of 2d, 4th, 5th, 10th, 21st, 23d, 25th, 27th, 33d, 37th, 42d,
44th, 48th, 50th Virginia Regiments

Wharton's Division—Brig. Gen. Gabriel C. Wharton
Wharton's Brigade—Capt. R. H. Logan
45th Virginia
50th Virginia
51st Virginia
30th Virginia Battalion Sharpshooters
Echol's Brigade—Capt. Edmund S. Read
22d Virginia
23d Virginia
26th Virginia Battalion
Smith's Brigade—Col. Thomas Smith
36th Virginia
60th Virginia
45th Virginia Battalion
Thomas's Legion

Lomax's Division—Maj. Gen. Lunsford L. Lomax
Imboden's Brigade-Col. George H. Smith
18th Virginia
23d Virginia
62d Virginia Mounted Infantry
Johnson's Brigade—Brig. Gen. Bradley T. Johnson
8th Virginia
21st Virginia
22d Virginia
34th Virginia Battalion
36th Virginia Battalion
McCausland's Brigade—Brig. Gen. John McCausland
14th Virginia
16th Virginia
17th Virginia
25th Virginia Battalion
37th Virginia Battalion
Jackson's Brigade—Brig. Gen. Henry B. Davidson
2d Maryland
19th Virginia
20th Virginia
46th Virginia Battalion
47th Virginia Battalion
Rosser's (Fitz Lee's) Division—Maj. Gen. Thomas L. Rosser
Wickham's Brigade—Brig. Gen. William C. Wickham
1st Virginia
2d Virginia
3d Virginia
4th Virginia
Payne's Brigade—Brig. Gen. William H. F. Payne
5th Virginia
6th Virginia
15th Virginia
Rosser's Brigade—Col. R. H. Dulany
7th Virginia
11th Virginia
12th Virginia
35th Virginia Battalion

Artillery—Col. Thomas H. Carter
Braxton's Brigade—Lt. Col. Carter M. Braxton
Virginia Battery (Carpenter's)
Virginia Battery (Hardwicke's)
Virginia Battery (Cooper's)
Cutshaw's Battalion—Maj. William Cutshaw
Virginia Battery (Carrington's)
Virginia Battery (Tanner's)
Virginia Battery (Garbees)
King's Battalion—Lt. Col. J. Floyd King
Virginia Battery (Bryan's)
Virginia Battery (Chapman's)
Virginia Battery (Lowry's)
Carter's Battalion—Lt. Col. Thomas H. Carter
Alabama Battery (Reese's)
Virginia Battery (W. P. Carter's)
Virginia Battery (Pendleton's)
Virginia Battery (Fry's)
Nelson's Battalion—Lt. Col. William Nelson
Georgia Battery (Milledge's)
Virginia Battery (Kirkpatrick's)
Virginia Battery (Massie's)
Horse Artillery
Maryland Battery (Griffin's)
Virginia Battery (Jackson's)
Virginia Battery (Lurty's)
Virginia Battery (McClanahan's)
Virginia Battery (Johnston's)
Virginia Battery (Shoemaker's)
Virginia Battery (Thompson's)

Confederate Army (Per field inspection reports 31 October 1864) Infantry Artillery Guns
Cedar Creek Losses
Total Infantry
Total Cavalry
Total Effectives*: 21,102 men, 40+ guns

*No official report is available; Confederate strength has been estimated as low as 12,780 infantry and artillery plus 2,900 cavalry for a total of 15,680.