Most of the Secretaries of War and Secretaries of the Army have received brief biographical mention in standard reference works. Principal among these, insofar as the earlier officials are concerned, is the twenty-volume Dictionary of American Biography, with supplements, and the thirty-two volume National Cyclopaedia of American Biography. Eight secretaries are treated in the four-volume The National Portrait Gallery of Distinguished Americans (1834–1839). The various editions of Who’s Who in America and Who Was Who in America contain references to individuals—especially later officials—who may have had little or no biographical treatment in other sources. Current Biography is also useful for its coverage of contemporary officials. Treatment according to editorial perceptions of the relative importance of individuals is provided in various editions of the Encyclopedia Americana and Encyclopedia Britannica while officials of military background are also covered in Francis B. Heitman’s Historical Register and Dictionary of the United States Army (1789–1903), George W. Cullum’s Biographical Register of the Officers and Graduates of the United States Military Academy, a work spanning the years 1802–1950 and periodically updated, and Who Was Who in American History—The Military.

Autobiographies and the secondary literature on the Army’s top civilian leaders provide the real substance of their lives and service. If the major published autobiographies and biographies are supplemented by L. D. Ingersoll’s History of the War Department with its biographical sketches of the first thirty-three secretaries (including those who served ad interim), and by doctoral dissertations, most of the gaps in the secretarial bibliography are filled, however imperfectly. (Doctoral dissertations are normally available in xerographic or microfilm reproduction from University Microfilms of Ann Arbor, Michigan.)

The bibliographical listing which follows includes works on the Secretaries of War and the Secretaries of the Army, the predecessors of the Secretary of War and the officials who served ad interim through the years, and the artists who painted the secretarial portraits. These are arranged alphabetically by the individual subject with applicable sources entered alphabetically under each individual’s name. Since Ingersoll’s History of the War Department includes biographical information on the first thirty-three secretaries, this source is not listed under all the individual names, but should be consulted for information on secretaries who served before 1880. Although full-length treatment is available on only a few artists, some are covered in such art reference works as George C. Groce’s and David Wallace’s The New York Historical Society’s Dictionary of Artists in America and Mantle Fielding’s Dictionary of American Painters. Several of the more prominent artists appear in the standard biographical reference works cited earlier.

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