The principle of civilian control over the military dates back to the founding of the nation. Despite the historical acceptance and application of this principle and despite the importance of the Armyís civilian leaders in both military and wider national affairs, the Army has lacked a comprehensive catalog of its secretaries.

This book should be useful in connection with presidential nomination of Army secretaries, as a handbook for the Congressional armed services committees, and as a reference work throughout the Army. Students and scholars in such diverse fields as history, political science, American studies, and art and portraiture will find the book of interest. It should also be a unique research and reference tool for governmental, academic, and public libraries, and a work of interest to the general public.

Originally prepared during the bicentennial period, this volume calls the roll of the Secretaries of War and the Secretaries of the Army and honors them for their contributions as eminent leaders in the Armyís and the nationís history.

Washington, D.C.
30 March 1992

Brigadier General, USA
Chief of Military History

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