The literature of an institution and its leaders over an extended period of time is bound to be uneven. The Army’s history during two hundred years of American statehood has moved with national currents, and the administrations of its civilian heads have taken historical form from the fluctuation in the events of their times and the nature of the individuals’ participation in those events. Add to this the disparities in individual abilities and terms of office, as well as the fact that some officials had wider and more influential public service than others, and it is readily apparent that there will be marked differences in the degree of biographical attention accorded to Army secretaries over the period from 1776, when the Board of War was established, up to the present.

It is also understandable that earlier figures who served a young and growing nation in a smaller and more focused government should come under closer scrutiny from the perspective of time. Additionally, no Secretary of War is still living, and public figures are more easily and freely assessed after they have left the scene than while they are still living. In light of the office’s loss of cabinet status and the subordination of the service departments within the Department of Defense, it remains to be seen whether the Army secretarial office and the incumbents of modern times will garner the attention accorded their predecessors in the more sovereign and independent War Department days.

It was deemed most useful to the reader to divide the select bibliography into two sections: a general source list pertaining to military history and a specific one dealing with the individual secretaries (including the officials who served ad interim) and the artists who painted them. The bibliography that follows immediately includes works on the national defense, the history of the Army, the departmental headquarters, and the broad details of organization and operation.

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