This pamphlet prepared by a committee of former German generals and general staff officers under the supervision of the Historical Division, EUCOM, in the early part of 1948. All contributors had extensive experience on the eastern front during the period 1941-45. The principal author, for example, was successively G4 of an infantry division and assistant G4 of a panzer army in Russia.

The reader is reminded that publications in the GERMAN REPORT SERIES were written by Germans from the German point of view. As in DA Pamphlet 20-230, Russian Combat Methods in World War II, and DA Pamphlet No. 20-231, Combat in Russian Forests and Swamps, the "Introduction" and "Conclusions" to this study present the views of the German author without interpretation by American personnel. Minor changes in form and in section titles have been made to secure greater clarity, and tactical examples have been rearranged to illustrate better the growth of the partisan front between 1942 and 1944. However, passages which reflect the author's prejudices and defects, whatever they may be, have not been changed and find the same expression in the following translation as they do in the original German.