JOHN LEONARD HINES was born in White Sulphur Springs, West Virginia, on 21 May 1868; graduated from the United States Military Academy, 1891; was commissioned a second lieutenant and assigned to the 2d Infantry, June 1891; performed troop and staff duties on the frontier in Nebraska and Montana, 1891-1898; was promoted to first lieutenant, April 1898; was acting quartermaster of the 2d Infantry in the Cuban expedition and participated in action at San Juan Hill; married Harriet Schofield Wherry, 1898; served with his regiment in the United States and returned to Cuba for quartermaster and civil affairs duty, 1899-1900; served against the Moros in the Philippine Insurrection, 1900-1901; was promoted to captain and assigned to the 23d Infantry, December 1900; was post and organizational quartermaster at various locations in the United States, the Philippines, and Japan, 1901-1912; was promoted to major, 6th Infantry, May 1912; was adjutant general of the Western Department, 1913, and detailed in that service, 1914; was adjutant of the 8th Infantry Brigade and the El Paso District, 1914-1916; was adjutant of the Mexican Punitive Expedition, 1916-1917; was assistant adjutant of the Eastern Department, 1917; was promoted to lieutenant colonel and designated adjutant general, May 1917; was assistant to the adjutant general of the American Expeditionary Forces, May-October 1917; was promoted to colonel, 16th Infantry, October 1917, and attached to the 1st French Army at the front, 1917-1918; was promoted to brigadier general in the National Army, April 1918, and commanded the 1st Infantry Brigade, 1st Division, in the Montdidier, Marne, and Saizerais operations, May-August 1918; was promoted to major general in the National Army, August 1918, and commanded the 4th Division and the V Corps in final World War I operations, and the III Corps in the occupation of the Rhineland, 1918-1919; was promoted to brigadier general in the Regular Army, November 1918; commanded the 4th, 5th, and 2d Divisions in postwar training, 1919-1921; received a recess appointment as major general in the Regular Army, July 1920; confirmed as permanent major general, March 1921; commanded the Eighth Corps Area, 1921-1922; was deputy chief of staff of the United States Army, December 1922-September 1924; was chief of staff of the United States Army, 14 September 1924-20 November 1926; stressed the need for balance in funding and personnel for all parts of the permanent establishment, pointed up the effects of strength deficiencies upon Army capability to meet the provisions of the National Defense Act of 1920, and urged action on housing and promotions to promote personnel retention; commanded the Ninth Corps Area, 1926-1930, and the Philippine Department, 1930-1932; retired from active service, May 1932; died in Washington, D.C., on 13 October 1968, aged 100 years.

The Artist

Joyce Ballantyne Brand (1918-) was born in Norfolk, Nebraska. After attending the University of Nebraska, she completed her art education at the American Academy of Art in Chicago and at the Art Students League in New York City. She worked as an illustrator for the outdoor magazine Sports Afield for over twenty years, and alos as a pinup artist in the 1940s. Throughout her career she specialized in commercial art for such major corporations as Ovaltine, Coca Cola, Pepsi, and General Motors, to name a few; two of her most famous images were the Copperstone Girl and the Pampers Baby. Highly respected for creating realistic images that capture the persona of her subjects, she received many commissions to paint the portraits of prominent TV personalities, including Jonathan Winters, Durward Kirby, and Commander Whitehead, as well as other luminaries in the fields of business and the professions. Her portrait of Maj. Gen. John J. Hines was developed from photographs, and is reproduced from the Army Art Collection.


Painting:  John Leonard Hines.  By Joyce Ballantyne Brand.
John Leonard Hines
By Joyce Ballantyne Brand
Oil on canvas, 72" x 36", 1974


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