AAA        Antiaircraft Artillery
Abn        Airborne
Act        Action
ADCOM      Advance Command and Liaison Group in Korea
ADVATIS    Advanced Allied Translator & Interpreter Section
AFF        Army Field Forces
AGC        Amphibious force flagship equipped with special communi-
           cation facilities
AK         Cargo ship
Amphib     Amphibious
AMS        Army Map Service
an.        Annex
AP         Armor-piercing
AP         Transport
APA        Attack transport
APD        High-speed transport
Armd       Armored
Arty       Artillery
ATIS       Allied Translator & Interpreter Section
AW         Automatic Weapons
BAR        Browning Automatic Rifle
BC         N.K. Border Constabulary (called Bo An Dae)
BLUEHEARTS Code name for the original plan for an amphibious landing
           behind enemy lines, abandoned by 10 July 1950. Succeeded
           by CHROMITE
Bn         Battalion
Br         Briefing
Brig       Brigade
Btry       Battery
Bul        Bulletin
C          Combat
CCF        Chinese Communist Forces
CCS        Combined Chiefs of Staff
CG         Commanding General
Chmn       Chairman
CHROMITE   Code name for amphibious operations in September 1950,
           one of which was a landing at Inch'on
CINCFE     Commander in Chief, Far East
CINCUNC    Commander in Chief, United Nations Command
CM-IN      Classified message-In
CO         Commanding Officer


Comd       Command
Comdr      Commander
Comm       Communication
COMNAVFE   Commander, U.S. Naval Forces Far East
CP         Command post
CofS       Chief of Staff
CSGPO      Chief of Staff, G-3, Plans & Operations Div.
CSUSA      Chief of Staff, U.S. Army
DA         Department of the Army
Det        Detachment
Dir        Director
DIS        Daily Intelligence Summary
Div        Division
DOW        Died of wounds
DUKW       Amphibious truck
EDT        Eastern Daylight Time
Engr       Engineer
Est        Estimate
EST        Eastern Standard Time
EUSAK      Eighth United States Army in Korea
Ex         Off Executive Officer
FA         Field Artillery
FDC        Fire Direction Center
FEAF       Far East Air Forces
FEC        Far East Command
FO         Field Order
Fonecon    Telephone conversation
G-2        Intelligence section of divisional or higher staff
G-3        Operations and training section of divisional or higher staff
Gen        General
GO         General Orders
GS         General Staff
HE         High explosive
HEAT       High explosive, antitank
Hist       History, Historical
Hq         Headquarters
Hv         Heavy
IG         Inspector General
I&:R        Intelligence & Reconnaissance
Incl       Inclosure
Inf        Infantry
Info       Information
Instr      Instruction
Intel      Intelligence
Interrog   Interrogation
Interv     Interview
JAG        Judge Advocate General
JCS        Joint Chiefs of Staff 


JLC        Japan Logistical Command
Jnl        Journal
JOC        Joint Operations Center
JSPOG      Joint Strategic Plans and Operations Group
JTF 7      Joint Task Force Seven
KIA        Killed in action
KMAG       U.S. Korean Military Advisory Group
KMC        Korean Marine Corps
LCVP       Landing craft, vehicle, personnel
Ldr        Leader
Log        Logistical
LSD        Landing ship, dock
LSMR       Landing ship, medium (rocket)
LST        Landing ship, tank
LSV        Landing ship, vehicle
Ltr        Letter
LVT        Landing vehicle, tracked
MATS       Military Air Transport Service
Med        Stf Medical Staff
MedTk      Medium Tank
MIA        Missing in action
Mil        Military
MIS        Military Intelligence Service
(-)        Minus
Mort       Mortar
MS         Manuscript
Msg        Message
MSgt       Master Sergeant
Narr       Narrative
Natl       National
NAVFE      U.S. Naval Forces, Far East
NKPA       North Korea People's Army
Nr         Number
OCMH       Office of the Chief of Military History
Ofc        Office
Off        Officer, Officers
Opns       Operations
Ord        Order
OSAF       Office of the Secretary of the Air Force
PC         Patrol vessel
Pers       Personnel
PIR        Periodic Intelligence Report
Plat       Platoon
PLR        Periodic Logistics Report
POL        Petroleum, oil, and lubricants
POR        Periodic Operations Report
Pub        Publication
PW         Prisoner of War


Rad        Radio
RCT        Regimental Combat Team
Rec        Recoilless
Recd       Received
Recon      Reconnaissance
Regt       Regiment
Rep        Representative
Res        Research
Rev        Review
Rpt        Report
RTO        Rail Transportation Office
S-1        Adjutant
S-2        Intelligence Officer
S-3        Operations and Training Officer
S-4        Supply Officer
S. Comm.   Senate Committee
SAR        Special Action Report
SCAP       Supreme Commander for the Allied Powers
SCR        Set complete radio
Sec        Section
Secy       Secretary
Sep        Separate
SFC        Sergeant First Class
Sig        Signal
Sitrep     Situation Report
SO         Special Order
SP         Self-propelled
Stf        Staff
Summ       Summary
Supp       Supplement
Surg       Surgical
TACP       Tactical air control party
TAGO       The Adjutant General's Office
Telecon    Teletypewriter conference
TF         Task Force
Tk         Tank
T/O        Tables of Organization
Trans      Transport, Transportation
Transl     Translation
UNC        United Nations Command
UNRC       United Nations Reception Center
USAFIK     U.S. Army Forces in Korea
USSR       Union of Soviet Socialist Republics
VHF        Very High Frequency
VT         Variable Time Fuze
WD         War Diary
WIA        Wounded in action
Wkly       Weekly