List of Code Names

BIG STICK Operation plan to destroy the Communist supply complex based on Sibyon-ni, to advance Eighth Army left flank to the Yesong River, and regain Kaesong.
BUCKSHOT 16 Operation by 11th Division, ROK I Corps, to take North Korean prisoners.
CHOPSTICK 6 Plan for envelopment of the high ground south of P'yonggang by a reinforced ROK division.
CHOPSTICK 16 Plan for a 2-division attack to drive the enemy from the area east and south of the Nam River.
CLAM-UP Operation to delude the Communists which imposed silence along the front lines from to to 15 February 1952.
COMMANDO Operation plan for offensive to establish the JAMESTOWN line.
COUNTER Plan for 45th Division, I Corps, to capture strategic outpost sites.
CUDGEL Plan for advance from WYOMING line in the U.S. Army I and IX Corps sectors.
DULUTH Line of defense to be established by operation SUNDIAL.
EVERREADY Plan covering eventualities of ROK domestic disturbances and disengaging UNC forces.
HIGHBOY U.S. I Corps artillery operation to bring direct fire onto enemy positions and bunkers not accessible to other artillery and mortar fire.
HOME COMING Limited operation plan offered as substitute for BIG STICK.
JAMESTOWN Defensive line to be established by Operation COMMANDO.
KANSAS-WYOMING Defense lines in the vicinity of 38th Parallel.
LITTLE SWITCH Operation for repatriation of sick and wounded prisoners of war.
OVERWHELMING Plan for offensive by Eighth Army to the P'yonggang Wonsan line.
POLECHARGE Operational plan for capture of hill objections on JAMESTOWN line during Operation COMMANDO.
SATURATE Plan for interdiction bombing of North Korean railroads.
SCATTER Screening plan for repatriation of prisoners of war.
SHOWDOWN Operation plan designed to improve IX Corps defense line positions north of Kumhwa.
SMACK Operation plan for combined air-tank-infantry-artillery test strike.
STRANGLE Air operations to disrupt North Korean logistics by interdiction bombing.
SUNDIAL Operation plan to establish DULUTH defensive line.
TALONS Outline plan for ground offensive to bolster Eighth Army's eastern front.
TOUCHDOWN Operation to gain control of Heartbreak Ridge.
WRANGLER Plan to follow up CUDGEL with an amphibious operation on the east coast.

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