Pageland Lane

Upon completion of the museum visit, return to SR 234 and drive north .5 mile to Route 29. Turn west (left) on 29 and proceed 2.8 miles through the park property until you reach the intersection of 29 and County Road (CR) 705 (Pageland Lane). Turn south on CR 705 and stop at the first safe place below the junction. Do not visit any of the sites en route, since this is a familiarization drive and you will be able to spend time at each of these places later. The junction of the two roads is just southwest of the coordinating or linking point of Jackson's and Longstreet's Corps. There is a monument commemorating a fallen Texan about 30 yards inside the woods on the southwest quadrant of the intersection.

On 28 August, about 0930, Reynolds' Division en route to Manassas from Gainesville was turning on Pageland Lane when it was fired on by two guns with the 1st Virginia Cavalry supported by infantry from the 21st Virginia Infantry, part of Bradley T. Johnson's Brigade. The 42d Virginia Infantry was in Brawner's Woods.

Cooper's U.S. Battery returned the fire. Companies B, D, and K, 13th Pennsylvania Reserves deployed toward Brawner's Farm while Companies A, E, and F went into the woods south of the Pike. Meade's Brigade deployed behind them, 3d and 7th Pennsylvania Reserves north of the intersection, 4th Pennsylvania Reserves south, with the 8th Pennsylvania Reserves held inactive.

The 13th Pennsylvania Reserve Companies north of the road scouted up to Sudley Mill, encountering no one, but seeing activity eastward. Reynolds with McDowell decided the force was rearguard cavalry and resumed their march to Manassas down Pageland Lane.

On the same day, at 1700, Patrick's Brigade held on the southeast side of the intersection during the Brawner's Farm fight; 35th and 23d New York deployed northeast. The brigade had been fired upon by artillery from Brawner's Farm. Gerrish's battery was in place by the nursery.

On 29 August, between 0100 and

Map, Manassas Battlefield - Pageland Lane

0300, King's Division may have withdrawn down Pageland Lane toward Manassas. And on the same day, between 0300 and 1000, Early's and Forno's Brigades of Lawton's Division moved into the fields northwest of the intersection about sunrise. The 13th and 31st Virginia were advanced as pickets just east of Stuart Hill on the other side of the nursery. Early was protecting Jackson's flank while looking for Longstreet. His men skirmished with the Pennsylvania Bucktails of Reynolds' Division.

During 1000 to 1200, Longstreet's Corps arrived from Thoroughfare Gap. He immediately placed Hood's Division in this area:

On approaching the field some of Brigadier General Hood's batteries were ordered into 9 position and his division was deployed on the right and left of the turnpike at right angles with it, and supported by . . . Evans' Brigade. Reilly's Battery (Rowan Artillery) went into position on the ridge east of the nursery (Stuart Hill).

Wilcox's Division went into line on Hood's left (north).

Kemper's Division deployed south of Hood to the Manassas Gap Railroad Line.

D. R. Jones' Division moved down Pageland Lane to the south opposite Dawkin's Branch on the Manassas-Gainesville Road.

Then on 29 August at 1200 Lee established his headquarters on Stuart Hill (known as Munroe's Hill in 1862), just south of the turnpike.