Picnic Area


Drive south from Sudley Church on SR 234 1.2 miles to the park picnic area. Pull into either of the picnic sites. Federals using route 234 (Sudley Road) reported coming under hostile artillery fire as they pulled off it to the west.

On 29 August at 0600, Krzyzanowski's Brigade of Schurz's Division deployed across this area as part of Sigel's first attack.

Hampton's Battery (F, Pennsylvania Light) set up beyond the latrine building in the middle of the field to support Krzyzanowski's attack.

At 1000 Heintzelman's Corps staged through here at midmorning, Kearny east of the road and Hooker south and west of the picnic area.

Reno's Corps bivouacked in this area the night of 29-30 August and remained here until deployed to the rear under pressure from Jackson's advance about 1715 on 30 August.