Cedar Creek After Action Report, Commander, 116th Ohio Infantry, 1st Brigade, 1st Division, 8th Corps (OR, 43, 383-4)



Cedar Creek, Va., October 21,1861.

LIEUTENANT: I have the honor to transmit you herewith a report of the p lrt taken by my command during the battle of the 19th instant.

On the morning of the 19th my regiment held position on the left of the First Brigade in tbe outer line of breast-works, on the north side

of Cedar Creek. At daybreak, about 4.30 o'clock, the enemy attacked the picket-line on our front. The regiment was under arms immediately

and ready for any emergency. Shortly afterward the enemy charged on the right of the line, carrying the works there, and gaining our right flank The One hundred and sixteenth received orders to close up to the right, which it did. We were soon ordered, however, to move out by the left flank; we formed line again on the crest of the hill immediately behind the strip of woods in which the breast-works were, the enemy still pressing us closely. The whole brigade then fell back by the flank, my regiment being still on the extreme left On the brow of the next hill we were formed in line of battle by Lieut. Col. Thomas F Wildes, commanding brigade, and fell back in good order until we reached the hill on which the Nineteenth Corps were in line, the enemy still attempting to flank our column both on the right and left, and continually harassing us with a warm musketry fire. Here we joined the line on the right of the Second Division of Crook's command, and moved forward to the support of a division of the Nineteenth Corps which was hotly engaged in our front. My command fell back again with the whole line and crossed to the left of the pike, forming in front of a large wagon train until the train could have time to move out The regiment then fell back gradually, forming line of battle several times, until it was ordered to move with the brigade over to the right of the pike in support of two batteries. At about 4.30 p. m. we moved forward with the line until we reached the position where the regiment is at the present writing.

I neglected to state in the proper connection that I was wounded early in the action in the right shoulder with a piece of a shell, when the command devolved upon Capt. John Hull, of Company K

The officers and men of my command behaved with praiseworthy coolness and bravery throughout the many exciting changes of the day. I send you herewith a list of the casualties in my command.

I am, lieutenant, very respectfully, your obedient servant,


Captain, Commanding Regiment.




Cedar Creek, Va., October 23,1864.


LIEUTENANT: In compliance with your order of the 22d instant, I have the honor to report that all my officers did their full duty during the action of the 19th. After the battle was over every one was with his own command, and had been with some part of his company throughout the entire day. They did all they could, I am well satisfied, to rally their men and to overcome the disaster of' the early part of the battle. For myself; I was wounded in the shoulder with a piece of shell which made it necessary for me to seek medical aid, and I returned on the following morning to my command.

I am, lieutenant, respectfully, your obedient servant,


Captain, Commanding Regiment.