Cedar Creek After Action Report, Commander, 151st New York (1st Brigade, 3d Division, 6th Corps) (OR, 43, 240)



November 2, 1864.


CAPTAIN: I have the honor to report the following action of this regiment in the engagement at Cedar Creek, October 19,1864:


Before daylight on the 19th of October this regiment was aroused from sleep by the discharge of musketry and artillery, and before the tents could be struck and men equip themselves bullets showered in and about camp like rain. The whole camp equipage, however, was packed and the line formed without confusion, the regiment taking its place in the brigade line, which was formed upon the hill back of the camp and facing what had been the left flank. The larger portion of the men and officers were absent upon the picket-line, but the few left rallied round in support of the colors, and did nobly in the movement of the forenoon of that day. At 12 o'clock the balance of the regiment rejoined, and, with the brigade, moved in position in the new line formed. Here they built breast-works, but no attack was made upon this part of the line. At 3 p. m. the line moved forward. This regiment, with one other of the brigade, were the first to uncover, and thus drew the whole fire of the enemy's lines. By this the line became somewhat broken, but the colors and majority of the regiment moved forward in the line and followed up the retreating enemy.


Both men and officers acted with great coolness and bravery this day; but the bravery of the color-sergeant, Edward Heller, and the whole color guard are especially to be commended. When the line broke out upon the pike the colors of the One hundred and fifty-first were ahead of all others.


Lieutenant-Colonel Fay being sick, the regiment was commanded by Capt. B. A. Wiles, who was wounded in the early part of the engagement, when the command devolved upon Capt. H. A. Kimball.

  The loss was 1 commissioned officer wounded and 1 enlisted man killed and 11 wounded.


Very respectfully, your obedient servant


First Lieutenant, Commanding Regiment


Capt. C. H. LEONARD,

Assistant Adjutant General.