Cedar Creek Report, 2d New York Cavalry, 1st Brigade, 3d Cavalry Division (OR, 43, 538-9)



Camp Russell, Va., December 8,1864.

CAPTAIN: I have the honor to make the following report of the proceedings of my command since the 18th of October last, in compliance with orders from brigade headquarters this date:

I being absent from the command previous to October 18 and until November 11, cannot give a concise report of the proceedings of the command during my absence. October 18, the command was camped near Cupp's Ford, on Cedar Creek, and commanded by Capt. A. S. Glover, Major Hull being absent on a leave of absence. October l9 the command participated in the battle of Cedar Creek, the casualties being 1 man killed, 3 men wounded, and 8 men missing. October 20, the command went on a reconnaissance to Fisher's Hill, returning to camp near Cupp's Ford about dark. October 21, moved, going into camp near Middletown, Va. October 227 went on a reconnaissance to Mount Olive, returning to camp same day. 27th instant Major :EIull returned and took command of the regiment. 31st instant the come mend went on a reconnaissance to Fisher's E[ill, returning to camp same day.

November 5, went to Newtown, returning to camp same day. November 8, part of the regiment went on picket at Cupp's Mill, the balance going on a reconnaissance to Fisher's Hill. November 10, returned. going into camp near the present headquarters Third Cavalry Division .November 11, I joined the regiment with 375 recruits from Camp Stoneman. November 12, marched with the brigade in the direction of Cedar Creek, on the Back road. About 11 a. m. engaged the enemy near Mount Zion Church, the engagement lasting until 2 p. m., when my command, with the brigade, retired, the enemy having been driven across Cedar Creek and some two miles beyond. Col. Walter C. Hull was almost instantly killed about 11.30 while leading a charge at the head of his regiment; he was killed near Cartwell's Springs. UPOTI Colonel Hull's death I assumed command of the regiment. The casual ties in this action were 1 officer and 1 man killed, 1 officer anti 9 men wounded, and 27 men missing. After the action the command returned' establishing its present camp. 13th instant, made a reconnaissance to Cedar Creek, returning to camp same day. Remained in camp doing picket duty on the brigade picket-line by details from the commands as ordered from brigade headquarters, until the morning of the 21st, when the command marched with the balance of the division up the Valley in the direction of New Marlcet. About 6..30 p. m. bivouacked for the night at Woodstock, one battalion of my regiment going on picket for the night. At daybreak the command resumed the march in the direction of New Market. Met the enemy about noon near Mount Jackson, when an engagement ensued. Finding the enemy's infantry in strong force, the entire command fell back in good order, the enemy following but a short distance. The casualties of the regiment in this action were 1 man killed, 2 officers and 10 men wounded, 5 men missing. Marching back to Woodstock, bivouacked for the night. 23d, returned to camp. November 27, I received a seven-days' leave of absence' leaving the regiment in command of Capt. A. S. Glover. 29th instant, broke camp at 3 a. m.; marched with the division on the Capon Springs road, bivouacking for the night near Lost River. 30th, at daylight resumed the march, reaching Moorefield about noon. Here the division halted, and my command made a reconnaissance as far as Petersburg, returning to Moorefield about 5 p. m. and joined the division, which at once started on its return, reaching camp the 2d instant.

December 4 I returned from leave of absence and assumed command of my regiment, which has since remained in camp.

All of which is respectfully submitted.


Lieutenant-Colonel, Comanding Regiment.

Capt. C. H. MILLER

Assistant Adjutant-General.