Cedar Creek Report, Commander, 3d New Jersey Cavalry, 1st Brigade, 3d Cavalry Division (OR, 43, 536-7)


Camp Russell, Va., December 8, 1864.

SIR: In compliance with orders of the 8th instant I have the honor to report the following as a review of the operations of this regiment since October 18, 1864:

On the morning of the latter date this regiment broke camp near Cedar Creek and relieved the Second New York on picket near Fawcett's Gap, grand reserve near Mount Zion Church. No appearance o the enemy. October 19, at an early hour in the morning heavy firing heard in the direction of Middletown At 9 a. m. ordered by General Custer to move the grand reserve near Saint Paul's Church, remove the left pickets, communicating with the Second Brigade, and hold Fawcett's Gap as long as practicable. At 4 p. m. ordered to join the 1st Brigade near Middletown; proceeded about three miles beyond Cedar Creek and returned to camp. October 20, this regiment, accompanied by the Eighteenth Pennsylvania, I,ieut. Col. C.C. Suydam commanding, made a reconnaissance to Narrow Passage, a short distance from Columbia Furnace, capturing a few stragglers from the enemy; returned to camp about 11 p. m. October 21, changed camp about a mile nearer Middletown. October 22, re-enforced by about 100 men from Remount Camp. October 23, went on picket near Forge Ford. October 24, picket relieved. October 25, in camp. October 26, Major Carpenter, paymaster, paid off the regiment, including 31st of August, 1864. October 27, in camp. October 28, went on picket and was relieved October 29. October 30, dismounted men, about eighty in number, ordered to Remount Camp. October 31, accompanied by the Second New York, Maj. William 1P. Robeson commanding, made a reconnaissance to near Columbia Furnace; started at 3 a. m. and returned at 4 p. m.

November 1 to 7, in camp near Cedar Creek and on picket. November 8, accompanying First Brigade, marched to Kernstown, threw out vedettes, and bivouacked during the night; reconnaissance of 150 men through Petticoat Gap to Romney pike, under Captain Yard. November 9, at 3 p. m. marched with brigade to Saint Paul's Church and went into bivouac during night. November 10, marched back and encamped about a mile in rear of present encampment. ~ovember 11, went on reconnaissance to Cedar Creek. November 12, marched with brigade and participated in repulsing Rosser's attack on the outposts, going on picket at night. November 13, relieved from picket and went into camp at present place. November 14 to 20, in camp and doing picket duty. November 21, broke camp and marched with First and Second Divisions to Woodstock. November 22, marched to near New Market and participated in reconnoitering the enemy's position, losing 1 killed, 6 wounded, and 3 missing; returned same day to Woodstock. November 23, marched back to present camp. ~ove.mber 24 to 28, in camp and doing picket duty. At midnight 28th broke camp and marched in the direction of Mooref~eld, reaching the latter place on the 30th, passing Capon Valley, Wardensville, and Baker's Run. Started back on the latter date and returned to camp on the 2d of December, marching through North River Valley and on Romney pike. December 3 to 8, in camp and doing picket duty.

Very respectfully, your obedient servant,


Major, Commanding Third New Jersey Cavalry.

Capt. C. H. MILDER,

Assistant Adjutant-General, First Brig., Third Cav. Div.