Cedar Creek After Action Report, Commander, Battery D, 1st Pennsylvania Light Artillery, Artillery Brigade, 8th Corps (OR, 43, 418-9)


Camp near Cedar Creek, Va., October 25,1864.

Sir: In obedience to your request for a report of the part my battery took while engaged in the action of the 19th instant I have the honor to advise you as follows, viz:

On the 16th of October, 1864, Capt. H. A. DuPont, chief of artillery, ordered my battery to take up a position on the hill to the left of Cedar Creek bridge, the place then held and being intrenched by the brigade of infantry commanded by Colonel Harris. After having placed my battery in the position indicated I was ordered by Capt. E. A. Du Pout, chief of artillery, to intrench my guns and send my caissons and horses to the foot of the hill under cover in rear of and some - sixty yards die. tent from the pieces. This was accordingly done and all necessary Preparation made to defend the battery should the enemy attack our position. On the morning of the 19th of October, 1864, at reveille, as was then the custom, my cannoneers went to their posts at the guns; presently several musket shots were heard in the direction of my front. This was the only intimation of an enemy near at hand, until they were discerned advancing in line of battle not twenty yards distant from my battery. I immediately opened fire on them with canister, firing some fifteen rounds, when the infantry supports on my left offering but little resistance the enemy were enabled to reach the inside of the works, and after firing one volley charged the battery with fixed bayonets, and with clubbed muskets drove the cannoneers from the pieces. When the guns were captured I ran to the foot of the hill and ordered the drivers to harness up their horses and hitch to the caissons, but being under a sharp fire of musketry, and having many recruits not accustomed to harnessing up, under those circumstances I was unable to get but three of them away.

In the action I lost 6 men killed, 6 men wounded, 17 enlisted men and 1 first lieutenant missing; 6 pieces, with limbers complete, 3 caissons, 11 artillery horses, 1 battery wagon, with all its contents, 1 battery forge, with all its contents, 3 army wagons, 18 mules, 10 sets artillery lead harness, 3 sets artillery wheel harness captured.

I am, captain, very respectfully, your most obedient servant,


First Lieut., Comdg. Batty. D, First Penn. Reserve Light Arty.

Captain DU PONT,

Chief of Artillery.