1st Infantry Brigade
16th Infantry
18th Infantry
2d Machine Gun Battalion
2d Infantry Brigade
26th Infantry
28th Infantry
3d Machine Gun Battalion
1st Field Artillery Brigade
5th Field Artillery (155)
6th Field Artillery (75)
7th Field Artillery (75)
1st Trench Mortar Battery
Divisional Troops
1st Machine Gun Battalion
1st Engineers
2d Field Signal Battalion
Headquarters Troop
1st Train Headquarters and Military Police
1st Ammunition Train
1st Supply Train
1st Engineer Train
1st Sanitary Train (Ambulance Companies and Field Hospitals 2, 3, 12, 13)


5th Regt USMC en route to France and in 1st (Gondrecourt) Training Area June 9-Sept 23,1917
1st Bn 2d Engrs (2d Div) Ménil-la-Tour Area Feb 28-Apr 3, 1918
Fr 228th FA (75) Cantigny Sector, at times from Apr 27 to July 7, 1918
Fr 253d FA (75)
1st and 2d Bns Fr 258th FA (75)
4th Bn Fr 301st Arty (155)
1 btry Fr 3d Cl Arty (155)
3d and 4th Bns Fr 284th Arty (220)
2d Bn Fr 289th Arty (220)
1 btry Fr 3d Cl Arty (220)
6th Bn Fr 289th Arty (280)
2 btrys Fr TM (58)
1 btry Fr TM (150)
1 btry Fr TM (240)
Fr 5th Tank Bn (12 tanks)
Fr 42d Aero Sq Aisne-Marne Operation, at times from July 18 to 23, 1918
Fr 83d Bln Co
Fr 253d FA-Portée (75)
Fr 11th and 12th Groups of Tanks
Fr 258th Aero Sq Saizerais Sector, at times from Aug 8 to 24, 1918
6th and 7th Bln Cos
3 btrys Fr 247th FA- Portée
8th Obsn Sq preceding and during St-Mihiel Operation, at times from Sept 8 to 14,1918
9th Bln Co
58th FA Brig and 108th Am Tn (33d Div)
76th FA (3d Div) (75)
2 btrys 44th CA (8")
Troops D, F, and H, 2d Cav
2 platoons Co A 1st Gas Regt (8 mortars)
2 bns of Inf (42d Div)
6th Inf Brig (3d Div)
2 cos 51st Pion Inf
7th MG Bn (3d Div)
49 tanks of 1st Tank Brig
60th FA Brig and 110th Am Tn (35th Div) Meuse-Argonne Operation Oct 1-2,1918
1st Aero Sq Meuse-Argonne Operation, at times from Oct 1 to 12, 1918
2d Bln Co
Fr 219th FA (75)
Fr 247th FA (6 btrys 75)
Fr 5th Bn 282d Arty (220)
Provisional Sq 2d Cav
Co C 1st Gas Regt
Co C 344th Tank Bn, 1st Tank Brig (16 tanks)
Cos B and C 345th Tank Bn, 1st Tank Brig (16 tanks)
362d Inf (91st Div) Meuse-Argonne Operation Oct 7,1918
181st Inf Brig (91st Div) Meuse-Argonne Operation Oct 8-11, 1918
14th Bln Co Coblenz Bridgehead, at times from June 18 to 30, 1919
MG elements Fr 2d Cav Div
4th MG Bn (2d Div) Coblenz Bridgehead June 18-29, 1919
7th MG Bn (3d Div) Coblenz Bridgehead June 20-30, 1919
1st FA Brig and 1st Am Tn at Le Valdahon Aug 22-Oct 18 1917; with Scottish 15th Div during Aisne-Marne Operation July 24,1918; with 90th Div
1st Sn Tn with Scottish 15th Div during Aisne-Marne Operation July 24,1918 in Saizerais (Villers-en-Haye) Sector Aug 24-28, 1918; with 42d Div in Meuse-Argonne Operation Oct 13-31,1918; with2d Div in Meuse-Argonne Operation Nov 1-4, 1918
1st Engrs with III Corps Sept 28-Oct 2,1918
2d Bn 6th FA with American Forces in Germany after Aug 9, 1919
Co A 1st Engrs
Cos A, B, C, D, 1st Sup Tn
F Hosp 13

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