Nov 19, the War Department directs the organization of the 4th Div, Regular Army, at Camp Greene. Dec 3-Jan 5, the Div is organized in accordance with the Tables of Organization of Aug 8, 1917, and includes Regular Army troops stationed at Camp Greene, Monterey, Vancouver Barracks, and other places. Dec 10, MajGen George H. Cameron assumes command. The infantry and artillery brigades are organized at Camp Greene; the 7th Inf Brig includes the 39th and 47th Regts of Inf (formed from personnel of the 30th and 9th Regts of Inf, respectively, in 1917); the 8th Inf Brig includes the 58th and 59th Regts of Inf (formed from personnel of the 4th Inf in 1917); the 4th FA Brig includes the 13th FA (formed from personnel of the 5th FA in 1917), the 16th FA (formed from personnel of the 8th FA in 1917), and the 77th FA (formerly the 19th Cav). Dec 31, the Div consists of 13,000 Regulars. Jan 5, the organization is completed and systematic training begins. During and subsequent to the latter part of Feb, men who had been voluntarily inducted from all sections of the United States are sent to the Div. Mar 1-21, drafts, aggregating 10,000 from Camps Custer, Grant, Lewis, Pike, and Travis, complete the Div.


Apr 21, Div (less Arty and certain Tns) moves to Camp Mills. Apr 30, 4th Engrs and Tn sail from New York, and arrive May 13 at Bordeaux. May 2, Adv Det sails, arriving, May 10, at Brest. May 3-10, DHQ, 16th FA, all the infantry, and some of the divisional units sail, and the major units land: at Brest, May 23, 7th Inf Brig (less elements of the 39th Inf) and 16th FA; in England, May 13-25, DHQ and the 8th Inf Brig. May 23, the SS Moldavia with part of the 58th Inf is torpedoed by a submarine off the English coast with the loss of 56 men. May 14, 4th FA Brig (less 16th FA) leaves Camp Greene for Camp Merritt. May 19-22, 4th FA Brig (less 16th FA) sails, and lands, May 30, 31, at Brest and Liverpool. May 19-27, the remaining trains sail, and land, May 31-June 9, at Brest or Liverpool.


May 18-June 10, Training with the British in Picardy. May 18, Div (less Arty, 8th F Sig Bn, 4th Sup Tn, 4th Sn Tn, and elements 58th Inf) moves from Brest, Le Havre, and Calais to the Samer Training Area. [May 18-June 10, Div is under the administrative control of the II Corps.] May 27, 4th FA Brig and 4th Am Tn move from Le Havre and Brest to Camp de Souge, where they train. May 31-June 5, Div (less detached units) trains with the Br 16th (Irish) Div, and then, June 9, moves to entraining stations on the Hesdin-Montreuil railroad.

June 11-July 17, Training with the French Sixth Army. June 11, Div (less detached units) moves to the vicinity of Meaux. June 13, 7th Inf Brig is attached to the Fr 4th Div and proceeds to the Rosoy-en-Multien Area for training. June 14, Div (less 7th Inf Brig and other units), attached to the Fr 164th Div for training, moves to the south and west of La Ferté-sous-Jouarre. June 17, 8th F Sig Bn and 4th Sup Tn rejoin; 4th Engrs moves to Crouttes to construct, with the assistance of infantry, a second position extending from Crouttes to Crouy-sur-Ourcq. June 21, 4th Am Tn rejoins. [June 21-July 27, the Div is under the administrative control of the I Corps.] [July 1, 7th Inf Brig is placed at the disposal of the Fr II Corps with a view to occupying a second position, located between Autheuil and Varinfroy, in case of a German attack; it occupies this position from July 5 to 7, and again on July 15.] July 5, Div (less Arty and 7th Inf Brig) moves to the vicinity of Lizy-sur-Oureq and May-en-Multien, along the Ourcq Canal; it occupies a second position in anticipation of a German attack. [July 16, 39th Inf (7th Inf Brig) is attached to the Fr 33d Div.] Night July 16/17, Div (less Arty and 7th Inf Brig) moves to the front line; infantry battalions reinforced by machine gun companies are affiliated with units of the Fr 164th Div (Fr VII Corps). [Night July 17/18, 39th Inf (7th Inf Brig), reinforced by Cos A and C 11th MG Bn, relieve the Fr 11th Inf in the left sector of the Fr II Corps from Troësnes (incl) to Faverolles (excl).]

July 18-22, Div (less Arty) participates in the Aisne-Marne Operation. The 7th Inf Brig is with the Fr II Corps, the remainder of the Div with the Fr VII Corps on the right; the entire line extends from Ancienville to Hautevesnes. [July 18, 39th Inf attacks east through Buisson de Cresnes and captures Noroy-sur-Ourcq; Fr 33d Div on right, Fr 41st Div (Fr Tenth Army) on left. July 19, the attack is pushed to Rau de Pudeval and to a line extending south for 1 km from a point 1 km southeast of le Bout du Mont. Night July 19/20, 39th Inf is relieved and moves to rejoin the 7th Inf Brig.] July 18, elements of the 8th Inf Brig, affiliated with the Fr 164th Div, attack east from a line of departure extending from 1 km east of Vinly to a point on Ru d'Alland 1¼ km northeast of Chézy-en-Orxois; 2d Bn 58th Inf captures Chevillon. July 19, 59th Inf attacks, captures Bois de Cassel, Bois de l'Orme, Bois de Leipzig, and reaches the line, Courchamps, Bois de Leipzig, 1 km west of Sommelans. July 20, 1st Bn 58th Inf and 3d Bn 59th Inf resume the attack; the former reaches Hill 145, the latter the unimproved road between Bonnes and Sommelans. July 21, French units relieve the front line battalions of the Div. July 22, 7th Inf Brig reverts to the control of the Div; the latter is placed to the east and south of La Ferté-Milon in the reserve of the Fr Sixth Army; rehabilitation. July 24, 7th Inf Brig (less 47th Inf) is placed at the disposal of the Fr II Corps; the 47th Inf, at the disposal of the Fr VII Corps, mops up the Bois du Châtelet. July 28, Div (less Arty and 7th Inf Brig) moves to the Bois du Châtelet, where it passes into corps reserve.

July 28-Aug 6, Div participates in the Aisne-Marne Operation. July 28, 4th FA Brig and 4th Am Tn move from Camp de Souge to rejoin the Div near Château-Thierry. July 29, the concentration of the Div (less detached units) in the Bois du Châtelet is completed. July 29-31, 1st and 3d Bns 47th Inf are attached to the 42d Div and participate in an attack on Sergy. July 30, 7th Inf Brig is placed at the disposal of the 42d Div in case of emergency. Aug 1-6, 4th FA Brig and 4th Am Tn participate in the Aisne-Marne Operation; 16th FA supports the 42d Div. Night Aug 1/2, the enemy begins a retreat from the Ourcq River to the Vesle River. Aug 3, Div passes through the lines of the 42d Div along the east, northeast, and northwest edges of the Forêt de Nesles, pursues the enemy northeast, and establishes a line from ¼ km northeast of Chéry-Chartreuve to 1½ km southeast of Mont-Notre-Dame, along the road connecting these villages; 7th Inf Brig reverts to the Div on the passage of the lines; 32d Div (Fr XXXVIII Corps) on right, Fr 62d Div (Fr II Corps) on left. Aug 4-6, Div continues its advance to the Vesle River; on the right, elements cross the Vesle River and reach and hold ½ km of the Route Nationale east of le Trou-Baret; on the left, elements enter St-Thibaut and reach the river; 32d Div (III Corps) is on the right, Fr 62d Div (I Corps) on the left. Aug 7, the Aisne-Marne Operation merges into sector occupation.

Aug 7-12, Div occupies the Vesle Sector (Champagne). Aug 7, elements of the Div cross the Vesle River northeast of St-Thibaut and entrench along the railroad track; 28th Div on right. Aug 8, troops along the Route Nationale are withdrawn to the railroad north of the Vesle River. Aug 9, Bazoches is attacked; patrolling follows. Night Aug 11/12, Div (less Arty which remains in line supporting 77th Div until Aug 17) is relieved by the 77th Div; Aug 12, command passes. Aug 12-13, Div concentrates in the Forêt de Fère. Aug 14, Div (less Arty) moves to entraining stations near Montmirail and La Ferté-Gaucher, and thence on Aug 18 to the 4th (Rimaucourt) Training Area and to stations in and near Reynel. [Aug 21, Div is ordered to join the First Army.] Aug 21-30, rehabilitation and training. Aug 22, 4th FA Brig and 4th Am Tn rejoin. Aug 29, Div moves to Vavincourt Area; training.

Sept 7-12, Div (less Arty) occupies the Toulon Sector (Lorraine). Night Sept 5/6, 8th Inf Brig (less 58th Inf) begins the relief of elements of the Fr 10th Colonial Div and Fr 2d Dismounted Cavalry Div from Trésauvaux (incl) to Watronville (incl), and completes the relief on Sept 7, the Commanding General, 8th Inf Brig, assuming command of the sector; 58th Inf in support. [Sept 7-11, elements of the 4th FA Brig support the 26th Div in the Rupt Sector and the Fr 15th Colonial Div in the Sommedieue Sector along the west face of the St-Mihiel salient.] Nights Sept 9/10 and 10/11, Div (less Arty and 8th Inf Brig) moves to an area between Sommedieue and Haudainville where it becomes corps reserve.

Sept 12-15, Div participates in the St-Mihiel Operation. The 8th Inf Brig is in front line, the remainder of the Div (less Arty) in corps reserve; Fr 15th Cl Div is on the right, Fr 10th Cl Div (Fr XVII Corps, Fr Second Army) on the left. [Units of the 4th FA Brig and 4th Am Tn support the 26th Div and Fr 15th Colonial Div during the St-Mihiel Operation until Sept 14, when this brigade is withdrawn and concentrated in the Forêt de Souilly.] Sept 12-13, patrolling. Sept 13-14, 7th Inf Brig is located east of Mouilly. Sept 14, elements of the 59th Inf advance into Fresnes-en-Wöevre and Manheulles, where they establish outposts; the original line of resistance from Trésauvaux to Watronville is retained. Night Sept 14/15, Fr 15th Colonial Div relieves the 8th Inf Brig, and on Sept 15 assumes command. Sept 15-18, training. [Sept 16, Div is ordered to join the III Corps.] Night Sept 19/20, Div moves to the vicinity of Lemmes. Night Sept 21/22, elements of the 7th Inf Brig relieve elements of the 33d Div in the front line of the Verdun-Fromeréville Sector, but are under the command of the 33d Div until the beginning of the Meuse Argonne Operation. Sept 22-25, Div moves into assembly positions for the Meuse-Argonne Operation. Sept 25, Div occupies a sector north of Esnes which extends from 1 km southwest of Béthincourt to Haucourt (excl).

Sept 26-Oct 19, Div participates in the Meuse-Argonne Operation. Sept 26, Div attacks north-northwest, 7th Inf Brig leading, captures Cuisy and Septsarges, and occupies the Bois de Septsarges; 80th Div on right, 79th Div (V Corps) on left. Sept 27-28 Div pushes through the Bois de Brieulles to the Brieulles, Nantillois road against increasing resistance, the right gains the north edge of the Bois de Brieulles; the left assists the 79th Div in the capture of Nantillois, approaches the Bois des Ogons and Bois de Fays, but retires; the division now holds the line from Hill 280 to a point 1 km north of Nantillois. Sept 28-29, 33d Div replaces the 80th Div on right. Sept 29-Oct 3, 8th Inf Brig, reinforced by the 318th Inf (80th Div) until Oct 5, relieves the 7th Inf Brig. Sept 30, 3d Div replaces the 79th Div on left. Oct 3, elements of the 58th Inf are relieved by the 4th Inf (3d Div) on the left. Oct 4-12 Div, in a series of attacks, captures the Bois de Fays, Bois de Malaumont, Bois de Peut-de-Faux, the western part of the Bois de Forêt; 80th Div (III Corps) on left. Oct 11-12, the sector is extended east; the 316th Meridian becomes the right boundary of the Div; 5th Div on left. Oct 13, elements of the Div in the Bois de Forêt are relieved by the 3d Div; elements in the Bois de Peut-de-Faux are withdrawn; the new left boundary extends from the north edge of the Bois de Fays to the Meuse 1 km north of Brieulles; patrolling. Oct 14-18, 58th Inf is in the reserve of the 5th Div in the Bois de Beuge. Oct 16, Div occupies Moulin-d'en-Haut; the front line extends along the west edge of the Bois de la Côte Lémont, the north edge of the Bois de Brieulles, and the northeast edge of the Bois de Fays. Night Oct 18/19, Div is relieved by the 6th Inf Brig (3d Div). Oct 19-20, Div (less Arty, which supports the 3d, 5th, and 90th Divs until Nov 11) assembles in the Forêt de Hesse. Oct 21, Div is ordered to join the Second Army and moves by stages to the Commercy Area; training. [Nov 4 Div is ordered to join First Army] Nov 6, Div (less Arty) starts for Blercourt, but returns on Nov 9 and resumes training.


Nov 14, 4th FA Brig and 4th Am Tn revert to the control of the Div.

Nov 20-Dec 17, Advance into Germany. Nov 20, Div moves via Briey, Hayange, Remich (Luxemburg), Saarburg (Germany), Cues, and Alf, and on Dec 17 takes station in the KREISE of Cochem and Adenau.

Dec 17-July 8, Div forms part of the Army of Occupation in Germany. Training predominates. Apr 8, 4th TM Btry sails from St-Nazaire. Apr 13, Div establishes itself in the KREIS of Ahrweiler. May 20-June 5, the infantry regiments are detached from the Division and function under Third Army, guarding property at railheads and supply depots in the Third Army area. June 19-27, Div is concentrated along the Rhine, prepared for a further advance, pending the signature of the Treaty of Versailles. June 28, the troops return to billets.


July 9, Div moves to Brest. July 16, Hq 7th Inf Brig, 47th Inf, and 10th MG Bn sail. July 24, DHQ sails, and arrives Aug 1 at Hoboken. Other units follow rapidly. Aug 5, Div (less detachments) moves from Camp Merritt to Camp Dodge. Aug 10, the last elements arrive in the United States. The emergency personnel is demobilized during the latter part of July and August.

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