Omaha Beachhead Unit Citations

(Published in War Department General Orders up to 15 September 1945)

1st Engineer Combat Battalion

1st Platoon, 30th Chemical Decontamination Company

1st Platoon, Company A, 203d Quartermaster Gas Supply Battalion 2d Ranger Infantry Battalion

5th Ranger Infantry Battalion

16th Infantry Regiment

18th Infantry Regiment

20th Engineer Combat Battalion

37th Engineer Combat Battalion

81st Chemical Battalion, Motorized

112th Engineer Combat Battalion

115th Infantry Regiment

116th Infantry Regiment

146th Engineer Combat Battalion

147th Engineer Combat Battalion

149th Engineer Combat Battalion

1st Battalion Team, 293d Joint Assault Signal Company

1st Platoon, 31st Chemical Decontamination Company

2d Platoon, 634th Medical Clearing Company

2d Squad, 1st Medical Depot Company

3d Battalion Team, 293d Joint Assault Signal Company

3d Platoon, 607th Quartermaster Graves Registration Company

27th Ordnance Bomb Disposal Squad

88th Quartermaster Railhead Company

214th Military Police Company

293d Joint Assault Signal Company (3 Battalion Teams)

461st Amphibious Truck Company

500th Medical Collecting Company

618th Ordnance Ammunition Company

967th Quartermaster Service Company

3205th Quartermaster Service Company

3704th Quartermaster Service Company

3820th Quartermaster Gas Supply Company

Company B, 7th Naval Beach Battalion

Company C, 7th Naval Beach Battalion

Headquarters & Headquarters Company, 6th Engineer Special Brigade

Headquarters & Headquarters Detachment, 95th Quartermaster Battalion

Reconnaissance Platoon, 356th Ordnance MAM Company

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Surgical Teams, 3d Auxiliary Surgical Group

299th Engineer Combat Battalion

397th Antiaircraft Artillery Provisional Machine Gun Battalion of the

4th Antiaircraft Artillery Brigade

741st Tank Battalion

743d Tank Battalion, Medium

834th Engineer Aviation Battalion

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