THE MEDICAL DEPARTMENT: HOSPITALIZATION AND EVACUATION, ZONE OF INTERIOR. By Clarence McKittrick Smith. (1956,1983,1989; 503 pages, 18 tables, 16 charts,28 illustrations, bibliographical note, glossary, index, CMH Pub 10-7.)

The Surgeon General in World War II was responsible for designing, building, equipping, and operating the Army's great system of hospitals in the United States and for the movement to them of patients from overseas and in the zone of interior. His department was also the matrix and forge of the hospitals and evacuation units sent to theaters of operations throughout the world, and it selected, trained, and equipped them. Planning and improvement of methods to meet these complex responsibilities constitute the main theme of the present volume.

The author's well-documented exposition of this theme focuses on large-scale hospital administration, to include medical construction, training, procurement, logistics, and command organization. Included are treatments of The Surgeon General's sometime difficult relationships with the Quartermaster General, the Chief of Engineers, the Chief of Transportation, and the Commanding Generals of the Army Air Forces and the Army Service Forces in matters of responsibility and jurisdiction.

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