The China-Burma-India Theater

The first two volumes of this subseries focus on Lt. Gen. Joseph W. Stilwell, and the third treats his successor, Lt. Gen. Albert C. Wedemeyer, in the China-Burma-India(CBI) Theater. All three works, particularly the account of General Wedemeyer's diplomatic measures, focus on the problems of a major military assistance effort. They not only record the most ambitious U.S.-directed aid program completed during World War II, but also are of general interest for the light they shed on the background of our postwar relations with China. They provide a basis for instructive comparisons of General Wedemeyer's and General Stilwell's exercise of diplomatic and command functions, and of their programs and measures for the reform and training of Chinese forces. Finally, these volumes describe the most extensive experiment during World War II in the sustained supply of ground forces by air.

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