A-2 Intelligence officer or section of an air stafff
AAA Antiaircraft artillery
AAR After action report
Abwehr-Schlacht Im West Defensive Battle in the West
AIB Armored infantry battalion
Anlage Appendix or annex
Ann. Annex
AT Antitank
Aufmarschanweisung Revised outline plan
AW Aircraft warning; automatic weapons
BAR Browing automatic rifle
Bn Battalion
CATOR Combined Air Transport Operations Room
CCA Combat Command A
CCB Combat Command B
CCR Combat Command Reserve
Chasseurs Ardenais Belgian military unit
Christose One of several code names for the Ardennes offensive
CIC Counter Intelligence Corps
C-in-C Commander in Chief
CO Commanding officer
CP Command post
DAGGER Ninth Army operation intended to clear the Germans from the west bank of the Roer River once the dams were destroyed.
Div Division
DSC Distinguished Service Cross
Engr Engineer
Ersatzheer Replacement Army
ETO European Theater of Operations
FA Field Artillery
Feldherr Great general
Festung Fortress
Feuerwalze Rolling barrage
Flak Fliegerabwehrkanone (antiaircraft artillery gun)
Fremde Heere Ost OKH Intelligence Section East
Frontsoldat Front-line fighter
Fuehrer Reserve Central officers' reserve
Fusilier battalion Separate infantry battalion performing both reconnaissance and support in German division
FUSA First United States Army
G-2 Intelligence section of divisional or higher staff
G-3 Operations section of divisional or higher staff


G-4 Supply section of divisional or higher staff
Greif German deception operation in support of the Ardennes counteroffensive
Herbstnebel Autumn Fog (Army Group B plan)
I and R Intelligence and Reconnaissance
Inf Infantry
Interv Interview
Jabo German slang for jagd-bomber (fighter-bomber)
Jnl Journal
Kampfgruppe German combat group of variable size
K-Tag 12 December
KTB Kriegstagebuch (war diary)
L-Tag 13 December
Martin Code name applied to operations plan drawn up by OB WEST for Wacht am Rhein for submission to conference at headquarters Army Group B on 27 October 1944
Nebelwerfer Multiple rocket projector
Null Tag D-day (16 December)
Oberquartermeister General staff officer at headquarters of an army (in charge of supply and administration)
OB WEST Oberbefehlshaber West (Commander in Chief West or his headquarters)
OKH Oberkommando des Heeres (Army High Command)
OKL Oberkommando der Luftwaffe (Luftwaffe High Command)
OKW Oberkommando der Wehrmacht (Armed Forces High Command)
OMAHA Beach Normandy beach assaulted by troops of U. S. V Corps, 6 June 1944
Ord Ordnance
O-Tag D-day (16 December)
Panzerfaust Recoilless German antitank rocket, hand-carried
POL Petrol (gasoline), oil, and lubricants
POW Prisoner of war
RCT Regimental combat team
Regts Regiments
Reichsautobahnen The German superhighway system
Reichsbahn German state railroads
S-2 Intelligence officer or section of regimental or lower staff
S-3 Operations officer or section of regimental or lower staff
Sec Section
SHAEF Supreme Headquarters, Allied Expeditionary Force
SHAPE Supreme Headquarters, Allied Powers, Europe
SS Schutzstaffel (Elite guard)


TAC Tactical Air Command
TC Troop carrier
TD Tank destroyer
T/E Tables of equipment
T/O&E Tables of organization and equipment
TOT Time on target, a method of timing artillery fire from various points to fall on a given target simultaneously
TUSA Third United States Army
VHF Very high frequency
V-Leute German agents
Volksdeutsche Citizens of a country other than Germany who were considered Germans racially
Volkssturm A people's militia, partially organized in one of the last steps of German mobilization for total war
Wacht am Rhein Watch on the Rhine (Ardennes code name)
Waffen-SS A mechanized Army-type force originally made up of volunteers from Nazi party organizations
Wehrmacht German Armed Forces
WFSt Wehrmachtfuehrungsstab (Armed Forces Operations Staff)
Werfer Rocket launcher
(-) Understrength


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