Code Names

ALAMO Task force directly under GHQ SWPA (MacArthur).
AMOEBA Advance Sub-Base C, Goodenough Island.
ANVIL Early plan for the invasion of southern France.
ARCADIA U.S.-British conference in Washington, December 1941-January 1942
AVALANCHE Invasion of Italy at Salerno.
BACKHANDER Task force for Cape Gloucester.
BATTLEAXE British Eighth Army operation at Halfaya Pass, June 1941.
BOLERO Build-up of U.S. troops and supplies in United Kingdom for cross-Channel invasion.
BREWER Task for for Admiralties.
BYPRODUCT Task force for Kiriwina.
CENT Scoglitti beaches, Sicily.
CHRONICLE Invasion of Woodlark and Kiriwina Islands.
COBRA First Army operations in the Cotentin, France, July 1944.
CONQUER Code name for Ninth Army.
CORONET Plan for invasion of Honshu at the Tokyo plain.
CYCLONE Task force for Noemfoor.
DEXTERITY Invasion of New Britain.
DIME Gela beaches, Sicily.
DIRECTOR Task force for Arawe area.
DRAGOON Invasion of southern France.
ESCALATOR Code name for ALAMO Force.
FABIUS May 1944 dress rehearsal for invasion of Normandy
FLASHPOINT Ninth Army crossing of the Rhine.
GLOBETROTTER Operations in northwest New Guinea near Cape Sansapor.
GRENADE 21 Army Group offensive from Roer to Rhine.
HURRICANE Task force for Biak.
HUSKY Invasion of Sicily.
ICEBERG Invasion of the Ryukyus.
INDIGO Plan for movement of U.S. troops to Iceland.
INTERLUDE Operations on Morotai.
JOSS Licata beaches, Sicily.
KING I Plan for operations on Mindanao, canceled.
KING II Invasion of Philippines at Leyte, October 1944.
KOOL Reserve force for Sicily.
LAZARETTO Task force for Gasmata, New Britain.
LEATHERBACK Task force for Woodlark.
LETTERPRESS Task force for Humboldt Bay, New Guinea.
LOVE III Mindoro operation.
MAGNET Movement of the first U.S. forces to Ireland.
MAPLE U.S. advance base at Port Moresby
MICHAELMAS Task force for Saidor, northeast New Guinea.
MIKE Series of plans for operations on Luzon.
NEPTUNE Actual 1944 operations within OVERLORD. Used for security reasons after September 1943.
NOISELESS Task force for Tanahmerah Bay, New Guinea.
OLYMPIC Plan for March 1946 invasion of Kyushu, Japan.
OMAHA U.S. V Corps beach in Normandy, June 1944.
OVERLORD Allied cross-Channel invasion of northwest Europe, June 1944.
PEMMICAN Advance Base A, Milne Bay, New Guinea.
PENUMBRA Advance Sub-base B, Oro Bay, New Guinea.
PERSECUTION Task force for Aitape, New Guinea.
POPPY Name for force to be sent to New Caledonia in early 1942.
RAINBOW Various plans prepared between 1939 and 1941 to meet Axis aggression involving more than one enemy.
RECKLESS Task force for Hollandia, New Guinea.
ROUNDUP Plan for major U.S.-British cross-Channel operation in 1943.
SATIN U.S. II Corps operation against Sfax, Tunisia, January 1943, canceled.
SHAGGY MICHAELMAS task force resupply point at Cape Cretin, New Guinea.
SHINGLE Invasion of Italy at Anzio.
SLEDGEHAMMER Allied plan for a limited cross-Channel attack in 1942.
SUMAC Early code name for Australia.
TABLETENNIS Operation at Noemfoor Island, New Guinea.
THE WHIP Early code name for the bazooka.
TIGER U.S. VII Corps full-dress rehearsal for UTAH assault, Slapton Sands, England, April 1944.
TILEFER Code name for assemble of boxed and cased American vehicles in British Isles under the British Ministry of Supply.
TORCH Allied operations in French north and northwest Africa, November 1942.
TORNADO Task force Arawe-Toem area, New Britain.
TRADEWIND Task force for Morotai, New Guinea.
TRIDENT U.S.-British conference held in Washington, May 1943.
TYPHOON Task force for Cape Sansapor, New Guinea.
UTAH U.S. VII Corps beach in Normandy, June 1944.
VICTOR Series of operations in central and southern Philippines.
ZEBRA Barnes mission to Europe, February 1945.

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