Chapter II

1. Until the capture of Manila, intelligence was lacking regarding the existence of strong defense positions on Bataan Peninsula. Cf. Chapter VI. All source materials cited in this chapter are located in G-2 Historical Section Files, GHQ FEC.

2. ATIS Research Report No. 131, Japan's Decision to Fight, 1 Dec 45, p. 33.

3. ATIS Current Translations No. 46, 2 Jun 43, pp. 1-2.

4. Original aerial photographs, showing date and time of flight, altitude, name and rank of pilot and observer, were obtained from the Imperial Land Survey Bureau, Japanese Government. On file with Engr Intel Div, GHQ FEC.

5. The experience gained by this officer was subsequently utilized through his appointment to the staff of South Seas Detachment, which landed at Buna in July 1942 and was virtually annihilated in the Owen Stanleys and Buna campaigns.

6. ATIS Research Report No. 131, op. Cit., pp. 39-42.

7. Ibid., p. 39.

8. ATIS Enemy Publications No. 32, Account of the Netherlands East Indies Operation, 11 Aug 43, p. 11.

Chapter II

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