1 The Emperor, as the sovereign ruler of Japan, played an important role in the termination of the Pacific War. His influence in bringing hostilities to an end can be seen in the concluding chapters of this volume. It was felt however, that a more detailed report of the Emperor's feelings and actions would further aid in understanding his relation to the Pacific War. Therefore, this unpublished manuscript of Marquis Yasumasa Matsudaira, one of the Emperor's trusted advisors, has been included as an appendix to this volume. Marquis Matsudaira, currently the Grand Master of Ceremonies, Ministry of Imperial Household, served as Chief Secretary to the Lord Privy Seal, Marquis Koichi Kido, from June 1936 to November 1945. These positions has provided him with many opportunities to learn and understand the Emperor's views regarding numerous events of great historical significance. This manuscript was prepared in December 1949 by the Marquis in response to a request from the G-2 Historical Section, GHQ FEC, and has been published just as it was translated from the Japanese.


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