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SECRET [Originally stamped - then Marked out]
[Another stamp - completely marked out as to be illegible]

May 6, 1942.
  Chief of Staff
1.    I have yours of May sixth regarding the Pacific Theatre versus "Bolero". In regard to the first paragraph I did not issue any directive on May first regarding the increase of combat planes to Australia to a total of 1,000 and the ground forces to a total of 100,000. I did ask if this could properly be done. I understand now that this is inadvisable at the present time and I wholly agree with you and Admiral King.
2.    In regard to additional aircraft to the South Pacific Theatre, it is my thought that all we should send there is a sufficient number of heavy and medium bombers and pursuit planes in order to maintain the present objective [changed from strength] there at the maximum.
3.    I do not want "Bolero" slowed down.
4.    The success of raiding operations seems to be such that a large scale Japanese offensive against Australia or New Zealand can be prevented.
[Signed Initials "FDR"]

A Stamp Regrading the
document as Unclassified
by Order of Sec Army by
TAG per 08489


Incl 4 [in handwriting]

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