NOTE: These two pages are completely handwritten. What follows is the "best-faith" attempt at transcribing the handwriting. Some of the notations, however, are not legible as they appear in the printed book - and when such a word or words cannot be identified they are indicated in this document with "###" symbols.

1. Proceed with Sledgehammer + stay in France if we ### [perhaps -- "can"]
2. Get all U. S. Troops in action as quickly as possible.
3. Proceed in all other theatres as now planned.
4. Keep up aid to Russia but via Bosra
Incl 5


[Printed on letterhead marked "The White House Washington"

1. Abandon Sledgehammer 19422.
2. Slow up Bolero 1943 for the coming three months.
3. Take all planes now headed from U.S. to England + reroute them to
    (a) Middle East or Egypt (majority)
    (b) S.W. Pacific (minority)
4. Send 5 divisions to England slowly.
5. Send 5 division to Middle East fast
6. Speed up Bolero preparations by October - so that Bolero Roundup will be ready April 1943
7. Keep up aid to Russia, but via Bosra


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