Basic Military Map Symbols*

Symbols within a rectangle indicate a military unit, within a triangle an observation post, and within a circle a supply paint.

Military Units-Identification

American Artillery
Symbol: American Artillery
Armored Command
Symbol: Armored Command
Army Air Forces
Symbol: Army Air Forces
Artillery, except Antiaircraft and Coast Artillery
Symbol: Artillery, except Antiaircraft and Coast Artillery
Cavalry, Horse
Symbol: Cavalry, Horse
Cavalry, Mechanized
Symbol: Cavalry, Mechanized
Chemical Warfare Service
Symbol: Chemical Warfare Service
Coast Artillery
Symbol: Coast Artillery
Symbol: Engineers
Symbol: Infantry
Medical Corps
Symbol: Medical Corps
Ordnance Department
Symbol: Ordnance Department
Quartermaster Corps
Symbol: Quartermaster Corps
Signal Corps
Symbol: Signal Corps
Tank Destroyer
Symbol: Tank Destroyer
Transportation Corps
Symbol: Transportation Corps
Veterinary Corps
Symbol: Veterinary Corps
Airborne units are designated by combining a gull wing symbol with the arm or service symbol:
Airborne Artillery
Symbol: Airborne Artillery
Airborne Infantry
Symbol: Airborne Artillery

*For complete listing of symbols in use during the World War II period, see FM 21-30, dated October 1943, from which these are taken.


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