Appendix C

First Army Staff Roster as of 11 September 1944

Commanding General

Lt. Gen. Courtney H. Hodges

Chief of Staff

Maj. Gen. William B. Kean

Deputy Chief of Staff, Administration

Col. Charles F. Williams

Deputy Chief of Staff, Operations

Col. Samuel L. Myers

Assistant Chief of Staff G-1

Col. Joseph J. O'Hare

Assistant Chief of Staff G-2

Col. Benjamin A. Dickson

Assistant Chief of Staff G-3

Brig. Gen. Truman C. Thorson

Assistant Chief of Staff G-4

Col. Robert W. Wilson

Assistant Chief of Staff G-5

Col. Damon M. Gunn

Adjutant General

Col. Robert S. Nourse

Antiaircraft Artillery

Col. Charles G. Patterson


Brig. Gen. Charles E. Hart


Col. Peter C. Hains 3d


Col. Hamilton H. Kellogg


Col. Frederick W. Gerhard


Col. William A. Carter, Jr.


Col. Grover A. Summa

Inspector General

Col. Rosser L. Hunter

Judge Advocate

Col. Ernest M. Brannon


Col. John B. Medaris

Provost Marshal

Col. William H. S. Wright


Col. Andrew T. McNamara


Col. Grant A. Williams

Special Services

Col. William May


Brig. Gen. John A. Rogers

Secretary of the General Staff

Maj. Earl F. Pegram


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